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Title: Small Things
Rating: G
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Summary: It really all was down to a matter of simple genetics.


The glass shell of the medical pod was warm to the touch. It had to be, the temperature of the fluid inside always kept hot enough to support the small creature growing inside it. The glass was comfortably warm against Jaejoong’s hands. Small veins of cooling tubes running through the glass ensured the temperature never become dangerous, although, sometimes Jaejoong wished it would. The burning sensation would make it all feel a little more real, not as good as touching the small creature would be, but an acceptable enough substitute.

Yunho would have said he was being silly. Yunho had said he was being silly to take the two hour long trip to the facility every evening after he finished work before returning home again. Four hours. Four hours to spend a few precious moments with the life growing inside the pod.

They still fought about it, Yunho arguing that the daily trip put too much stress on Jaejoong’s already weak body and Jaejoong arguing that he couldn’t not come every day, that anything less would be reprehensible.

Jaejoong didn’t know how to put it into words but he felt guilty. Guilty because fifteen minutes a day was all the time he got to spend with his growing baby. Other people took being pregnant for granted. They got to spend all their time with their baby and thought nothing of it. They got to feel their baby growing inside, got to feel them move around, got to feel them.

Jaejoong didn’t get that. He didn’t have the right genes for it.

And it really all was down to a matter of simple genetics. Well, not really simple, but in Jaejoong’s mind it was fairly black and white. The genes that gave him his weaker than normal constitution were the same genes that meant his baby had to be created in a lab, had to grow in this tube.

It wasn’t his fault, but he felt guilty nonetheless. If he had been stronger he wouldn’t be separated from his baby and if four hours of travelling is what it took to make him feel better about the situation then so be it. Jaejoong didn’t expect Yunho to make the trip with him, not every day, his husband was very busy, but it was something Jaejoong needed to do.

He had to believe that his baby knew he was there. That he was loved. Even if it was just for fifteen minutes.


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