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Anyone who's read any of my fic has probably realized that I'm terrible at following my own writing schedule.

I have realized that this is exacerbated by working on multiple fics at the same time. It breaks flow and then I don't want to go back to writing because I can't get back into the right frame of mind. So I'm going to try writing one fic at a time until it's done. This has the added benefit of giving me a higher chance of actually finishing stuff.

That said, this year I will try (TRY!!!) to finish Sow, Good Hyundeul, Potentia and Push. Those are my priority. Then I'll figure out if I still think Lotus Roots is worth saving.

Also as far as planning goes, Pacemaker has saved my life. They had me at graphs.
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My word count goal for January was 10,000 words and I've met the goal.

Yay! Go me!

Although, I did fail at the whole writing every day thing. I need to get better about that if I want to meet the long term goals. It's easy to make up word count when the daily goal is low.

February word count goal: 13,000 words

In other news, I'm currently working on Sow (the 'For rent to own' one-shot) and at 3,600 words and counting it will probably be much longer than I guesstimated (estimate: 5,000 words). The new guesstimate is 10,000 words. Hopefully, this year I will also develop a sense of how long my stuff will be when I'm plotting stuff out.
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The list of fics I absolutely would like to finish in 2015.

1. Lotus Roots: Yes, I want to finish it next year. It haunts me like the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future.

2. Potentia: Because the Dragon Fire universe is like my magnum opus and there are two more parts after Potentia. I should at least finish one part of it a year.

3. Concubine!verse 3 and 4: I should not be the only person subjected to the craziness that is happening in Junsu's and Jaejoong's heads.

4. Not-So-Baby Slytherin: Everyone needs fluff in their life. Also it is basically a bunch of short drabbles and I will be ashamed of myself if its not done.

5. Good Hyungdeul: I have outlined all five parts of this fic which means there is no reason not to finish it.

6. Good Luck Charm universe fics: FOR ALL THE LITTLE DEVILS SITTING ON MY SHOULDER ASKING FOR MORE!! I will give you every single one of the threesomes and the billion YJM shots if it kills me!

Then there are the one shots... I have come to realize that I may not be capable of writing a one-shot that doesn't imply massive background story/world building thus prompting me to want to just make them open ended series. Well, whatever. I want to at least give you 'Perfect Spouses', 'For rent to own', and 'Space Station'. There are like a million universes in my head begging for attention.

The real question: Is this doable? Well, I do have word count estimates for this stuff and it adds up to like 300,000 words. JFC!! Okay, that's a rate of approx 820 words a day. My goal is 1000 words per day which for my is about 1 to 1.5 hours of writing time a day.

It is a worthy goal!!!
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A.K.A Kay's attempt to overcome Fail!Author.

Obviously I didn't meet that goal of finishing Potentia Ch1 so I could post it and Selection3. I blame this on Fail!Author who is a spastic, lazy, procrastinating mess whose productive moments are spent writing Latest New Plot Bunny instead of Fic Already In Progress.

A glimpse at my Scrivener reveals:

  1. Selection Part 3

  2. Potentia Chapter 1

  3. Whirlwhind - Cliche AU Yunjae One-shot

  4. Good Hyungdeul Part 1 - Changmin Whumpage fic (should have five parts when finished)

  5. Good Luck Charm - Not really but probably actually is Yunjae gangbang fic

  6. Cover Over Rewrite

  7. Lotus Roots Rewrite

  8. Baby Slytherin drabbles

  9. Omegaverse Concubine Yunjae One-shot which will probably turn into a series.

  10. Pride and a Haughty Spirit - Omegaverse Woogyu bandfic - IDEK what happened here.

  11. Unwell Met Rewrite - Because X-Men DoFP re-inspired my Cherik muse.

  12. Original Novel

Also a file of plot bunnies with descriptions like: Maybe straight!Woogyu and Sex Extortion!Yunjae.

I have an unfocused mind. My solution ...dun dun dun... Visual Accountability in the form of progress tracker. The goal is to write 7,000 words a week (totally doable right?). If I meet my weekly goal. I get to make a trip to Friendly's for hot fudge sundae! (Don't laugh, this is a gaol my chubby self will sincerely work towards).
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It's been a while but progress update. I am going to keep the community for strictly posting fic and will post progress updates and whatever random crap comes along on this journal since I'm not using it for anything else anyway.

Dragon Fire series: I have finished Selection part three and am also about half way through the first chapter of Potentia,its sequel novel, currently at about 4000 words. I'm waiting to finish the chapter so I can post both at the same time. Why? Because on its own Selection 3 is a teaser/cliff hanger of epic proportions and I'm not that cruel.

Lotus Roots: *sigh* I think it's broken in its current state. Yunho wasn't supposed to to what he did and its thrown everything out of whack but that's what happens when you write by the seat of your pants with only a vague storyou outline. But I'm not going to abandon it. I think I just need to rewrite it.

I've also wrote some other stuff that I'm not ready to post until I get out the first chapter of Potentia. There's two oneshots, the first part of a five part fic I refer to in my head as 'Changmin gets whumped on' (it's a total angst bomb), and some stuff for Baby Slytherin.

I'm on staycation next week so hopefully I will be able to put out Potentia.
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Fic here --> [livejournal.com profile] enkaychifics

Current Project Progress: Updated Jan. 15, 2017

Currently working on: Sow (Estimated ~8-10 parts)

  • Part 3 - In Revision

  • Part 4 - Pending Revision

  • Part 5 - Writing

My asocialness it at a high right now. Zero tolerance for bullshit.


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