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A.K.A Kay's attempt to overcome Fail!Author.

Obviously I didn't meet that goal of finishing Potentia Ch1 so I could post it and Selection3. I blame this on Fail!Author who is a spastic, lazy, procrastinating mess whose productive moments are spent writing Latest New Plot Bunny instead of Fic Already In Progress.

A glimpse at my Scrivener reveals:

  1. Selection Part 3

  2. Potentia Chapter 1

  3. Whirlwhind - Cliche AU Yunjae One-shot

  4. Good Hyungdeul Part 1 - Changmin Whumpage fic (should have five parts when finished)

  5. Good Luck Charm - Not really but probably actually is Yunjae gangbang fic

  6. Cover Over Rewrite

  7. Lotus Roots Rewrite

  8. Baby Slytherin drabbles

  9. Omegaverse Concubine Yunjae One-shot which will probably turn into a series.

  10. Pride and a Haughty Spirit - Omegaverse Woogyu bandfic - IDEK what happened here.

  11. Unwell Met Rewrite - Because X-Men DoFP re-inspired my Cherik muse.

  12. Original Novel

Also a file of plot bunnies with descriptions like: Maybe straight!Woogyu and Sex Extortion!Yunjae.

I have an unfocused mind. My solution ...dun dun dun... Visual Accountability in the form of progress tracker. The goal is to write 7,000 words a week (totally doable right?). If I meet my weekly goal. I get to make a trip to Friendly's for hot fudge sundae! (Don't laugh, this is a gaol my chubby self will sincerely work towards).


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