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My word count goal for January was 10,000 words and I've met the goal.

Yay! Go me!

Although, I did fail at the whole writing every day thing. I need to get better about that if I want to meet the long term goals. It's easy to make up word count when the daily goal is low.

February word count goal: 13,000 words

In other news, I'm currently working on Sow (the 'For rent to own' one-shot) and at 3,600 words and counting it will probably be much longer than I guesstimated (estimate: 5,000 words). The new guesstimate is 10,000 words. Hopefully, this year I will also develop a sense of how long my stuff will be when I'm plotting stuff out.
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I am sure that every intrepid writer has at some point or another thought about the NaNoWriMo challenge. Many have attempted but few succeed this perilous road to completing 50,000 words in a month. I myself have tried and failed four times.

However, my failures have given me helpful experience. The most important thing being that I cannot spend December-October writing less than 10,000 words a month and then suddenly expect that I can write 50,000 in november. I burn myself out in under 10 days.

Thus! I have given myself monthly word goals for 2015 to gradually build myself up to 50,000 words. I'm calling it. The Road to 50,000, a Perilous Journey Fraught With Danger (procrastination):

  • January - 10,000 words - 323w/day

  • February - 13,000 words - 464 w/day

  • March - 16,000 words - 516 w/day

  • April - 20,000 words - 667 w/day

  • May - 25,000 words - 806 w/day

  • June - 30,000 words - 1,000 w/day

  • July - 35,000 words - 1,129 w/day

  • August - 40,000 words - 1,290 w/day

  • September - 45,000 words - 1,500 w/day

  • October - 50,000 words - 1,613 w/day

  • November - 50,000 words - 1,667 w/day

  • December - 50,000 words - 1,613 w/day

That's a total wordcount goal of about 384,000 for 2015, enough to fit in all my 2015 Projects. I should hit 50,000 words a month in October, this will be my practice month. I'm hoping that if I build myself up to this pace I'll be able to sustain it (or something very close) into the future. 50,000 words a month for 12 months is 600,000 words a year. With that much output I should be able to focus on my original novels AND the fanfiction that is usually distracting me from writing them.

Wish me luck!


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