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Title: Arranged
Rating: G
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Summary: Yunho didn’t expect to be married by age twenty-three.
A/N: I have writer's block. Lotus Roots isn't cooperating and the solution isn't going to just come to me so this is the start of Project Drabble A Day. The goal is to post a drabble everyday for January in hopes that it will get my creative juices flowing and provide an outlet for the other hundred million plot bunnies in my head.


Yunho didn't expect to be married by age twenty-three. He thought he would have more time. For what, he wasn’t quite sure. More time to spend with his friends. More time to have fun. More time to be young. More time to find the right person.

More something.

He didn’t expect the right person to be someone he hadn’t found himself but someone who had been found for him. He would never have married someone his parents didn’t approve of but he had wanted the chance to introduce the perfect person to them, to be able to go to them and say, “This is the person I want to share my life with.”

He didn’t expect to go home and be told, “This is the person you’re going to marry.”

He could have refused them, could have walked away but walking away from the person his grandfather had chosen for him would have meant walking away from the security of his family, walking away from the business he had been groomed since childhood to take over, walking away from everything he had ever known.

Yunho didn’t know how to live that way. He didn’t want to learn to live that way.

So he didn’t walk away. He didn’t refuse them. He would marry Kim Jaejoong, but he didn’t know what he would do with him after that.


Jaejoong did not have horrible parents.

He had loving parents. He had determined parents. He had parents who wanted nothing more than to give their children the best life had to after, even if the best made them unhappy.

In Jaejoong’s family the words ‘strategic alliance’ were just another term for arranged marriage or business merger. It just sounded more palatable. Three of Jaejoong’s older sisters had married that way so he was no stranger to the concept. But as the only boy he hadn’t expected to he would be involved in such things, at least not from the same side. But this was what his father wanted and Jaejoong had never been in a position to refuse the man anything, would never want to refuse the man anything.

Jaejoong’s life could have been worse. He could have never had a father, never had a family, never had a place to belong. If this was what his father wanted, Jaejoong would do it and he would make sure it worked. He would marry Jung Yunho and he would be happy, would never give his father a reason to thing he had not done what was best for his only son. It was the least Jaejoong could do, the least of things Jaejoong would do.



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