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Title: Lotus Roots - Prologue
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17
Warnings: Alpha/Omega 'verse
Length: Chaptered
Summary: It's the twenty-first century and the royal family is an extension of a democratically elected government but that does not mean the Crown Prince can marry whomever he chooses. In a world with a rapidly changing social landscape Jung Yunho's marriage is used as an instrument to force social reform and Kim Jaejoong finds out that for someone like him, a rise in status comes great danger and intrigue.

A/N: If you are not familiar with alpha/omega 'verse I highly suggest you read this primer. It's not everyone's thing. This fic is the result of watching Goong and King 2 Hearts and reading too much AU. So technically this is Box of Wicked: DBSK. I will one day write a summary of facts that are consistent across all BoW Universe, but that day is not today.


There were days President Park Geunhye loved her job. Today was not one of those days. She would not have one of those days for several months to come.

“Why does this need to be done? Have we not been tolerant?”

Geunhye wanted to sigh but she held the breath inside her chest. It would not do to show exasperation towards the Queen Dowager, it might be misconstrued as disrespect. She had not wanted to be the person to deliver this news. Although the royal family had little official power in the government of South Korea, there was not much that occurred in the political sphere without the approval of the Queen Consort or the Queen Dowager.

While the people of Korea differed greatly in opinion on the subject of the King, as evidenced by his absence from this particular meeting, they were largely united in their opinions of Queen Dowager Sookyung and her daughter by marriage, Queen Consort Jiyeon. Both women were loved by their people and respected for their knowledge on policy matters. Geunhye had seen the careers of the most anonymous provincial representatives soar with a word of approval and the careers of the most celebrated ministers shatter with a word of disapproval from either woman. Officially, the royal family had no position on the political affairs of their country. The reality was quite different.

It was no wonder she had not wanted to have this conversation but Ministers Yoon, Yoo, Cho, and Hyun had all agreed this would be best received coming from her. She had known the Queen Dowager for most her life, since her own father had been President.

“Daebi mama, it is no longer enough to be tolerant. In the aftermath of recent... events, we must be accepting.” Would acceptance even be enough to resolve the issue after what His Majesty had done? She revised her statement. “Neigh, we must be welcoming. The world has changed rapidly and we must change with it or we will become obsolete.”

These words were perhaps not the best choice to use on women whose ancestors had controlled an empire under an absolute rule but who themselves were viewed by a large part of the world as little more than celebrities with distinguished social status.

“Is there nothing else that can be done?” Queen Jiyeon asked, her face tight with worry.

The question was not the refusal of a monarch who refused to consider change but the concern of a mother worried for her only son. Geunhye softened her tone. “Mama,” she answered gently, “There are many other things that can be done but I have not come to you with this decision lightly. We have considered many options. This is the best thing that can be done.”

The two woman did not look convinced. “Daebi mama, it was you who told me once that though this family no longer had the power to force change, it was still your duty to stand as an example for the people to follow, as agents of change. That example has become cracked. It must be repaired.” As she watched Queen Sookyung incline her head forwards in acknowledgment she was certain that was the best thing she could have said.

When she was dismissed both women still looked uneasy. The coming months would not be pleasant for any of the residents of the royal palace, least of all the King when his mother and wife decided to go through with this plan, for she had no doubt they would, or the Crown Prince when he returned from military service. However, as far as Geunhye was concerned, His Majesty had no right to an opinion in this matter as it was his actions that had brought them to this point. As for the Crown prince, he was one of the most reasonable and dutiful young men she had ever had the privilege of knowing. He would accept this.

With time.


The two women sat in silence for some time after President Park's departure, each lost heavily in their thoughts, occasionally taking sips of tea from the ornate porcelain cups at the center table.

“Eomeoni,” Jiyeon said when she felt the silence had become too oppressive. “We can't let this happen.”

“Hush,” Sookyung said with a sigh.

“Yunho isn't even-”

“Hush,” came the interruption again. Sookyung did not want to hear what Yunho wasn't. She knew her grandson better than his mother did and she had certainly always been closer to him than either of his parents had been. She knew very well what he wasn't and knew even better what he would be able to tolerate despite this fact.

No, not tolerate. Accept. Geunhye had been correct on that matter. They must now be accepting.

“Eomeoni,” Jiyeon tried again. “His Majesty will never allow-”

Sookyung raised her hand sharply. “I said hush girl. Your husband has no say in this matter.”

Jiyeon breathed a sharp intake of air. 'Your husband.' Not 'the King', not 'His Majesty', not even 'my son'. 'Your husband.' Her mother in law was more upset than she had let show over the past few days. It was an extreme disassociation for a woman to whom family had always been first priority. At this moment, the King was not the child her mother had brought into the world or even the father of her grandchildren. He was the man who had married the mother of her grandchildren, nothing more, nothing worthy enough to have a considered opinion.

And though Jiyeon did not realize it yet, she would not have much say in this matter either if she would not silence her protestations. It was a good idea, not even an unconventional idea. Royal families had done this for millenia, this would just be another variation of the same. Sookyung would find someone, with or without Jiyeon's support.

She would find someone before Yunho returned from military service and hopefully before Jihye, Changmin, or one of her other grandchildren could warn him. It would be more difficult for him to fight against a person than an idea. Ideas were simple. People were not.


So it was, that Yunho, Royal Prince Successor of Korea, became the first modern royal to bond with a male omega. When Kim Jaejoong, ninth child of a lesser noble house, married into the royal family it was decided, amidst much debate and protest, that he would be granted the title of a son of the king and his queen consort, daegun, and the style used for consorts of the royal house, mama.


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