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Rating: PG-13
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Summary: The first time they meet they’re children on Gallifrey. Doctor Who!AU


The first time they meet they’re children on Gallifrey. The day they look into the Time Vortex Jaejoong knows Yunho is one of the ones who will be inspired to do great things. Jaejoong will not be. He is afraid. He wants nothing more than to run away. It’s only Yunho’s hand holding his tight that keeps him from running that day, that keeps him from running any other day after. They’re inseparable. Jaejoong will never love another, never wants to love another. Then the accident happens and Yunho is gone. Yunho is an anomaly among Time Lords. When he regenerates he has the same face, and Jaejoong is pleased. He would have missed it. But Yunho remembers nothing. Jaejoong has to make him fall in love again in every life.


In one life, Yunho’s a soldier in a war fought on a planet most people will never hear of. He is strong. He is honorable. He is great. Jaejoong’s a medic attached to Yunho’s regiment. Jaejoong heals his wounds, cleans the blood and dirt from his skin. He never thinks of running.


In another life they watch the Earth burn, the human race long since traveled beyond it’s green plains and blue oceans. They hold hands and they remember.


There’s one life where they never meet at all. Jaejoong loses Yunho in time and space. It takes too long to find him again. He almost gives up, almost starts running because one of his hearts hurts and the other is already broken.


In their best life they are gods among humans, held up on a pedestal by a legion of red. They are both the farthest from and the closest to other people that they have been since that first day Yunho held Jaejoong’s hand. And for the first time Jaejoong laments the fleeting nature of a human’s life. These friends among all other he will miss the most. These friends he has loved the best. These friends had been family. And it’s truly a pity. Jaejoong thinks that in another universe, Changmin would have made a great Time Lord.


Their last life they return to Gallifrey. They fight bravely but it isn’t enough. They knew it wouldn’t be enough. In that best life they had once stood on stage looking down at their red ocean and seen in the center of it all an empty space. They knew that empty space, he had been their teacher once. When they looked in his eyes they looked into the eye of a man who had been alone for far too long, the eyes of a man who had already lost them. So they look for the last time at fields of red grass, forests of silver trees, and snow capped mountains lit under an orange sky and they kiss.

And they wait.

And they feel as the very air around them is set ablaze.


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