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Title: Selection - Part 3
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Chaptered
Warnings: Implied Dub-con
Summary: Whoever was chosen at a Selection Ball would not be an Honored Spouse. They would be tribute.


When Jaejoong looked back on this moment he would remember it like something that had happened in a fever dream, fuzzy, unclear real and not real. Impossible things that made sense when they were happening but would later to his rational mind seem irreconcilable with the realm of things he knew to be possible.

But most of all he’d remember the cold, a burning, scorching cold trying to burn him from the inside out.

He couldn’t see. Everything was too bright, like a planet had drifted so close to it’s sun that the light reflecting off every surface shone too radiantly to give anything shape or form.

He couldn’t move. His limbs felt like lead, weighed down by something greater than their own weight.

He couldn’t hear. If silence had a sound this would have been it and it was loud enough to deafen him.

Through the white plane of open space he could make out small pockets of darkness, specks of shadow on a brilliant canvas. They glowed black, shining as brightly in the light as stars in the midnight skies. Jaejoong would have died happily if that darkness had chosen to devour him.

Later he would say that the darkness had devoured him, that it had pulled him under, swallowed him whole and refused to let him go. That it had had seduced him with smooth whispers and gentle caresses. That it had stolen all that he was with a single question.

Aren’t you mine.

And an answer he might never know the full repercussions of.


And the darkness had incited in him a frenzy the likes of which he had never experienced.

And although he would learn later that his experience both was and wasn’t unique, for the delirium was simply a natural part of the transformation, he would also learn, unlike the others of his kind, exactly what had been taken from him when he thought he’d given it away.


Continued in Potentia



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