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Title: Baby Slytherin 5
Rating: G
Pairing: YunJae, YooMin
Length: Drabble
Summary: Junsu could not figure out why there was a first year who seemed to be trying to glare him to death every time they saw each other.


Junsu has never hated anyone. He’s never even really disliked anyone before. Generally speaking, he’s always been a friendly, easy going sort of person. He made friends when he could. He didn’t have any enemies, even his rivals were his friends.

So for the life of him, Junsu could not figure out why there was a first year who seemed to be trying to glare him to death every time they saw each other. And not just any first year, a Slytherin first year. Junsu never even spoke to any of them.

At first he thought maybe the boy came from one of those pure-blood families who were not only prejudiced against but also against other Hogwarts Houses and maybe just hated him on the principle of Junsu being a Hufflepuff, but the kid never glared at any of the other Hufflepuffs. He smiled at them! He even helped some of the first year Hufflepuffs with their Potions homework. He glared at Junsu.

He’d asked Junho about it but his brother had frowned at him and told him he was seeing things. (“Joongie’s a sweetheart, too sweet for Slytherin really. He’s not glaring at you Junsu.”)

But he was! He just never did it when Junho was looking. This ‘Joongie’ was all shy smiles and giggles then.

He’d asked Hyukjae just to make sure he wasn’t actually seeing things, like that time when he’d thought the Fat Friar was watching him sleep. (“He’s definitely glaring.”)

He’d asked Yunho since the glaring seemed to increase with proximity to his older Gryffindor friend. ("It’s nothing.”) Yunho would go over to the kid and talk to him a bit, maybe ruffle the kid's hair a little, and the glaring would stop for a day or so, but then it would be back again.

It wasn’t nothing!

He’d asked Changmin (because Changmin was smarter than anyone else Junsu knew) and Changmin would stare at the kid until he looked sheepish and went away, but then he would tell Junsu not to worry about it. (“He’s harmless. It’s the other one you need to worry about.”)

And that had freaked Junsu out. What other one? What other one! Wasn’t one bad enough?!

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