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Title: Baby Slytherin 3
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae, YooMin
Length: Drabble
Summary: Junsu Kim was public enemy number one. HarryPotter!AU


For Jaejoong, Junsu Kim was public enemy number one. The third year Hufflepuff was the bane of his existence. Hewere sure that if the world was to end, it would be because of Junsu Kim. You-Know-Who who? The face of evil looked like Junsu Kim. He probably held rituals under the light of the full moon bathed in the blood of virgins or something.

Junsu Kim’s only redeeming quality was his relation to Junho Kim, who was awesome in all ways and almost as perfect as Yunho.

This was why instead of watching his future husband be awesome on the Quidditch pitch, Jaejoong was watching Junsu Kim confirm all his suspicions of inherent evilness.

Yunho was an amazing Keeper. Gryffindor won almost all of their matches not because they had a good Seeker, the team’s seeker had pretty much been crap since Harry Potter finished schooling, but because Yunho never let the other teams score enough points to make up the difference. It was like watching the 1994 Quidditch Cup. Gryffindor never caught the snitch, but they still won.

Unless they were playing Hufflepuff. Junsu Kim was the only Chaser in the school who could get the quaffle past Yunho.

And the worst part? They were friends. Friends! His Yunho was friends with that person.

Jaejoong pursed his lips when Junsu scored another goal. It was intolerable.

“Yoochun.” Jaejoong shook Yoochun’s shoulder, breaking the other boy from what was no doubt close observation of Max Shim in the Gryffindor stands.

“It’s Micky,” Yoochun said.

Jaejoong glared at him balefully. He had been Yoochun for the last eight years, Jaejoong was not going to change that now. “You are Yoochun.”

Yoochun just sighed, it was an argument he wouldn’t win. “What?”

“Isn’t there something we can do about him?” Jaejoong asked waving a hand towards where Junsu was zipping around the Gryffindor goal posts.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Break his leg or something.”

Yoochun snorted. “You have fun with that,” he said, shaking Jaejoong’s hand off his shoulder.

Jaejoong flopped back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. He was going to laugh when Max and Junsu started dating because not only was Junsu Kim also friends with Yunho, he had a crush on Yunho’s best friend.

And Jaejoong was not going to help Yoochun then he decided. Fair was fair.



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