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Title: Arranged 3
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Summary: “Can I buy you a drink?”


Jaejoong finished off his third drink, waving away the bartender when he lifted a bottle asking if he wanted a refill. Intoxication was not his goal. His whole plan was already daft enough, it would just be worse if he was drunk on top of the ridiculousness of the entire situation.

It was entirely ridiculousness. He was sitting in a bar, trying to drink enough to give him courage, but too much, about to ask the man he had been married to for a year on a date like they were perfect strangers. Ridiculous.

Jaejoong had thought long and hard about what to do about his and Yunho’s nonexistent relationship and this was the best he had come up with.

Some couples who had their marriages arranged fell in love over time. Some never fell in love but still managed to live together amicably. Some became friends. Some agreed to ignore each other’s existence from the beginning. And some, like Jaejoong and Yunho, tried to have a relationship but failed to look past the fact that they had been forced together and naturally drifted apart.

It had been stupid to think they would fall into and be happy. Jaejoong wasn’t that sort of person. He needed the romance of a courtship. Needed to feel that jolt in his heart.

So for tonight at least, he wouldn’t be Jung Jaejoong, husband. He would be Kim Jaejoong, so saw an attractive man out for a night with friends who worked up the courage to ask the man for a drink. Either it would work or nothing would change and tonight was their anniversary, as good a time to try to start something new as any.

Jaejoong pushed his chair away from the bar and got up. He took a deep breath and walked over to the booth where Yunho was sitting, laughing with his friends.

The laughter died down as each person noticed Jaejoong standing at the table. Yunho’s friends didn’t hate Jaejoong, after all it wasn’t his fault Yunho had to marry him. They’d been civil enough at the wedding and Jaejoong hadn’t really spoken to any of them after that, but the staring made him nervous. He focused on Yunho, who was frowning at him.

“Hi,” Jaejoong said. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“What?” Yunho asked.

He wasn’t happy to see Jaejoong. Had the other man followed him here? For what reason? They married but he thought they’d implicitly agreed to simply live their separate lives. What did Jaejoong want?

“Hi,” Jaejoong said again. “My name’s Jaejoong, can I buy you a drink?”

Yunho’s eyebrows furrowed for a moment before his face relaxed in realization. Jaejoong was a giving them a chance.

Yunho thought for a moment, watching Jaejoong nervously bite his lower lip. What would have happened if they had met like this, strangers in a bar, instead of uncomfortable introductions made by their parents? What would Yunho have done if a gorgeous man had worked up enough courage to ask him for a drink in front of all his friends? What would he have done if he wasn’t married?

Yunho smiled and said, “Alright.”

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