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All the writing goals I had at the beginning of the year were thrown in to total tailspin by what I'm choosing to refer to as my quarter life crisis.

I have in the past several months suffered from anxiety and depression (in retrospect I was probably depressed for at least two years before this) and quit the job that was the source of my lack of mental health when I started having panic attacks then I packed up all my shit and moved back home.

Basically, my life has been chaos and ups and downs for a few months. Needless to say I've not been very productive except for taking the time off to relax and reach a better state of mind. So that's why I've been totally MIA.

I'm trying to get back on track now. So back to new writing goals and finding a new job. Hopefully I'll have job success by spring.
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So I have this note on my fic comm's sticky about how I don't answer comments often. In an attempt to step out of my box I tried answering all of the comments on Trade. Omg, I can't do it. It is the Internet equivalent of going to a party for me, too much social interaction. I need recovery time. I live in awe of the writers who always answer comments, they are better people than me.

I even tried regular tweeting. That lasted all of a day and only resulted in 2 or 3 tweets. Too much share for me.

I am going back to my hidey hole where I occasionally post fic (although, hopefully it will be more often now) and sometimes answer the comments to explain stuff. I am happy whether people leave comments or not.


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