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Title: Caught
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Double-shot
Warnings: Underage, Omegaverse, Consensual Captivity, Violence during sex, Claiming marks
Summary: Yunho didn't want most other omegas, he wanted this type of omega, rare as they were in these modern times.
A/N: Takes place in same universe as Trade but can be read separately. If you're not into YooSu there aren't any continuity issues if you haven't read Trade. This is all human omegaverse to clear up any confusion. No werewolves, just strange biology.


Yunho watched from the door as Ara reached down into the cradle and pick up Seungwon. She handled him with an instinct only a mother had, cradling him in her arms with his head against one upper arm. The baby’s mouth opened wide in a silent yawn and he blinked up at her with sleepy eyes. Ara smiled at the baby, her mouth pulling into a contented crescent moon. She rubbed her nose against Seungwon’s and and rocked him gently. To most fathers it would be considered a beautiful sight.

Yunho clenched his fists tightly, fingernails digging into his palms. He wanted that woman’s filthy fucking hands off of his son.

He stepped into the nursery, quickly walked over to the crib and placed his arms under Ara’s transferring his son into his own arm. He grimaced at the fact that he had to touch her to do so.

A strangled sound escaped her throat. “Yunho,” she whispered. It was the plea of a woman who didn’t know what she had done to deserve her husband’s scorn, a woman who had found herself living a life both very similar and very different to the one she had expected when she’d married him.

Something had changed in the way Yunho looked at her. He wasn’t anywhere near as affectionate as he had been when they’d first gotten married. There were less smiles and less casual touches. He didn’t even speak to her unless he had to these days. She’d begged him on countless occasions to tell him what she’d done wrong, that she would fix the problem if only he would let her know what it was.

But Yunho couldn’t even blame her for the way he treated her. There was nothing she could fix. It was his own issue with her nature as an omega and that wasn’t something she could change. Telling Ara would just hurt her and he didn’t want to hurt her any more than he already was over something that wasn’t her fault. After all, he had loved her once.

That love was the reason he was getting her out of the house this week. He knew she knew what he was keeping downstairs. The woman wasn’t stupid. There were members of his family who wouldn’t even think to do this much, who would spend this week doing as they pleased, regardless of where their spouse was.

Yunho wasn’t that cruel.

He turned away from her and placed Seungwon back in his cradle. “Your bags are already packed.”

“Yunho, please,” she whispered again in that desperate tone.

He curled his fingers tightly over the sides of the cradle, watching his baby kick his tiny feet. “You’ll be gone for the week.”

His words were final. The decision had already been made. After this week, he’d let her see Seungwon when she wanted to, she had given birth to the boy, but his son would have a new mother. A better mother.


Yunho left Seungwon in the care of the nanny and saw Ara off. She gave one last plea before he closed the door on the town car that would take her to Gimpo Airport but he pretended he didn’t hear it. “Have a good time in Jeju.”

He settled in his office after her departure, setting up the video on his laptop. He steepled his fingers under his chin as he watched the video stream of the boy in one of the suites downstairs.

Kim Jaejoong.

Yunho couldn't help but smile as he watched the boy tug on the chain keeping the metal cuff around his ankle attached to one of the large steel rings sticking out of the bedroom wall.

The heat rooms in the Jung family houses were an exercise in luxury most omegas didn’t get. Large, soft bed. Flowing curtains, giving the illusion of widows that weren’t actually there. Plush carpeting. Intricate furniture. Chain or no chain, most other omegas in heat would already have given up trying to get free and simply accepted that out of all the lots they could have drawn in the life lottery, this one didn't seem so bad. This one was comfortable and no doubt came attached to a wealthy alpha. They would have settled on the bed waited.

But then, if Jaejoong had been like most other omegas, Yunho wouldn't have him chained up like a wild animal in that room.

Yunho watched Jaejoong wrap part of the length of chain around his arm and tug hard. His eyes lit up when he saw the last few pulls had resulted in small cracks forming in the white walls around where the ring was fastened to the wall.

Wild animal indeed. Yunho didn't want most other omegas, he wanted this type of omega, rare as they were in these modern times.


Yunho had met Kim Jaejoong a little over three months ago on a visit to SM Entertainment, one of the entertainment companies operating under the umbrella of Jung Incorporated. It had been one of the rare days when Yunho had chosen to sit in on the open auditions held every few months, usually he left most of that part of the business up to the staff in the talent acquisition department.

Jaejoong stood out among all the other trainee hopefuls, with his ethereal looks and deep, airy voice.

“Kim Jaejoong, age… seventeen?” came the question from one of the judges.

Jaejoong nodded.

“Hmm, you’re a bit old to be starting as a trainee.”

Seventeen was young but in the entertainment industry it could be considered ancient. SM preferred younger trainees. They had debuted artists who were younger than seventeen.

Jaejoong opened his mouth to give what no doubt would be a plea to give him a chance and let them know how hard he would work but the judge raised a hand in the air, stopping him before he could make a sound. “No.”

Jaejoong nodded, bowed, and thanked them for their time before leaving.

Yunho felt a twinge of disappointment. Jaejoong’s singing was good, not great, it was still unpolished, unrefined, but he had potential. With the right vocal training and careful branding they could have molded him into something more than great. Yunho could overturn the decision, if he wanted to accept someone as a trainee no one in this room would gainsay him, but these people had been hired for a reason. They would not be working for him if they were in any way incompetent. He trusted their judgment and respected the decisions they made so he simply sat back and let them work.

The boy would most likely try his luck at one of the smaller entertainment companies, one of them would probably take him. Yunho put Kim Jaejoong out of his mind until he saw him, or rather smelled him, a few days later at another one of their open auditions.

Yunho’s curiosity was piqued when he saw the boy in a hallway at the SM building. Jaejoong had determination, not that it would do him any good. Usually, the kids had enough sense to wait until the next round of auditions or try a different city where the chances were they would audition in front of a different set of judges who might see something in them the first set didn’t. He knew some people saw this ‘don’t give up’ attitude as a good quality but this wasn’t some drama where the judges would have a miraculous change of heart after seeing how some poor kid was willing to repeatedly face rejection to show how much he really wanted this. At best they found it annoying.

They didn’t want head strong kids. They wanted kids who could sing well, dance well, and maybe act well, who looked good on stage and were funny or witty on television, who wouldn’t push back against the company system and would do as their managers told them. Of course they weren’t all obedient, and the ones who did stand up for themselves or ran a bit wild were probably more important to the company than the ones who did what they were told, but too many of those type spoiled the whole bunch.

Looking at Jaejoong then, Yunho was glad they’d turned him down. Head strong alphas and betas were one thing. Head strong omegas were unacceptable. They would have tried to mold him into something that didn’t fit him, the image a pretty show omega who had the illusion of rebellion but turned into a wilting flower when placed in front of the right alpha. They’d done that before.

It had been a disaster.

Those kids had nearly torn SM apart. The ones who had left, including the pretty omega, had been angry and disappointed and the ones who had stayed, including aforementioned right alpha, had been angry and resentful. Yunho would never have let it happen but he hadn’t been a Vice President back then, that was a position he’d only ascended to two years ago. He’d done what he could for the kids, settling with the three who’d left and getting them off the media blacklists. The two still at SM had looked much better since then, calmer, like someone had undone the string that had wound around them tight and suffocating. Yunho hoped the alpha and the omega had worked all of their business out because they had a Claiming mark between them and those kids had fit each other in ways most people couldn’t even dream about.

He laughed at himself for calling them kids. They weren’t that much younger than he was, the older ones only younger by two or three years at most if he remembered correctly. And then he froze because he knew he hadn’t known Jaejoong was an omega when he’d seen him the first time.

He had guessed that Jaejoong was either an omega or a pretty beta but he hadn’t known, not they way he did as he watched one of the staff, an alpha, wrap his fingers around Jaejoong’s wrist and tug him closer.

“Shouldn’t a pretty thing like you be holed up somewhere on your back at a time like this. How about I give you a try?”

Yunho’s nostrils flared and he inhaled deeply. At a time like this. Most omegas in heat knew better than to walk around outside the safety of their homes when any alpha on the street could smell the state they were in. Not that there was anything inherently dangerous about an omega going about their business as usual even at the height of their heat, if they were capable of doing so. Despite what people liked to think, alphas weren’t uncontrolled brutes who would jump any omega in heat. They could resist the heat scent the same as any beta, some alphas just chose not to.

Yunho stepped forward about to force the other alpha to let Jaejoong go when the boy turned around and punched the man in the face. Yunho was ill equipped to deal with the lust that ran through him at the sight of Jaejoong fighting his assailant off.

Yunho had seen omegas who went through the start of their heats like it was an annoyance, ones who would lay on a bed back bowing against the mattress and beg for whatever they could get, and omegas who grew angry at the proprietary way alphas treated them but eventually gave in, but he’d never seen this.

An omega in heat near feral with rage in his eyes.


Several thousand years ago all omegas would have behaved the way Jaejoong was but for some reason science still couldn't explain, over the last few millenia a type of docility had been bred into omegas. Most estimated the ratio around one to ten thousand. For every wild omega there were thousands more who who would lie back and let the first alpha who came across them fuck them through their heats.

Yunho's wife was one such omega. He had met Ara on a blind date their parents had set them up on with hopes that they would hit it off, or if they didn't that they would both be mature enough to see the advantages their union would bring to both families’ businesses, the union of the Jung and Go empires.

They had dated for several months before agreeing to marry. Yunho had thought he was in love with her. And when Ara had gone into heat several weeks after their wedding he had been excited at the prospect of their first child. What he hadn't been prepared for was the disgust that rose up in him at the sight of her back arching against their bed, legs spread in invitation, begging for his cock.

He had fucked his fair share of omegas through their heat cycles in college, and like most alphas had reveled in the rush it gave him to know someone needed him so desperately. But seeing Ara, seeing his wife behave the same way had made something in him snap. The thought that she had acted this way before, the thought that she might act this way for any alpha who had shown up in their bedroom had tarnished her in Yunho's eyes.

Ah, he had thought, this is why alphas used to lock their wives up with only omega servants to attend to their spouses needs.

Yunho had fucked Ara through that week but his love for her had died. If not for her pregnancy and the love he had once felt for her he would have have thrown her from his house.

After all, that was his right. Their marriage had secured their families’ business partnership, what Yunho did with her after that was his business. By law, an alpha could divorce their omega without reason and the way of the world was such that Go family would assume Ara had done something to earn his ire.

Yunho, still wasn't sure he wouldn't do just that now that their son had been born. He certainly didn't want her around Wonnie even if he had determined to let her see the child she’d given birth to. But that was a matter to consider another day. He had something else to deal with this week.

He ran a finger over the screen of the laptop watching as the colors rippled over the length of Jaejoong's body.

Someone else to deal with.

Now that his son had been born, an alpha, a legitimate heir to secure his family line, Yunho was entitled to a concubine.

Before his disillusionment with Ara, Yunho had never even considered taking a concubine. How uncaring and inconsiderate he would have to be to be so disrespectful as to bring another omega into his wife's home. His father had never had a concubine and was perfectly happy.

Yunho frowned. His mother was nothing like Go Ara. He remembered his father telling him once with fond recollection that his mother had snapped his wrist and shorn streaks of blood down his chest during their first shared heat. His father had rubbed at his chest and smiled when he'd said this. The man still carried the scars from her finger nails. His mother had been the one in ten thousand.

Yunho wanted the same. Serendipity had given it to him in Kim Jaejoong’s pretty package.


After Jaejoong had blackened the manager’s eye and bloodied his mouth the manager had run and hid himself and Jaejoong escaped to the nearest room.

Yunho made a mental note to have the manager fired. He didn’t want anyone like that working for him.

The nearest room happened to be one of the executive restrooms. Yunho didn’t know why it was so easy for Jaejoong to access and if the other parts of the building supposed to be reserved for executives were just as lax in security but he would remember to make sure someone suffered for it.

He found Jaejoong bent over a sink one hand on the faucet and the other splashing his face with water. It did nothing to dull the sweet cloying scent in the air and probably wasn’t doing much to cool down Jaejoong’s body either.

Yunho cleared his throat and smirked when Jaejoong shot up and turned around. His face was wet and the edges of his hair clumped together where the strands had gotten wet. His eyes were wide and wild. “Who are you?”

“Who am I?” Yunho echoed Jaejoong’s question back. “I’m the man who’s about to do you a huge favor.”

Jaejoong scowled and his brown eyes darkened. “I don’t need any favors.”

Yunho crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a black marble wall, unconcerned with the state of it’s cleanliness. For the amount of money they paid the cleaning staff the toilets themselves had best be clean enough to eat off. “So I noticed. But even if I did want to give you that kind of favor I promise you wouldn’t be able to afford the assault charges.”

“Assault charges!” Jaejoong near yelled, indignant.

“Yes, assault charges,” Yunho said straightforwardly. “Surely you know alphas aren’t expected to resist an omega in heat.” He ran his eyes over Jaejoong’s body suggestively. “Not when they give out invitations so freely by walking around trailing their heat scent all over the place.”

“That’s complete bullshit,” Jaejoong muttered but his words were belayed by his actions. He took a step away from Yunho and held his hands up as if to say he wasn’t trying to start anything.

Alphas were fully capable of resisting any omega in heat, except maybe the one they’d Claimed, but there were enough alphas in powerful positions who liked to pretend they couldn’t for the laws to say that an alpha couldn’t be punished for doing what was natural for them. There were enough to say that alphas and not omegas were the real victims.

It was all bullshit but it was the law.

“I don’t disagree with you,” Yunho said calmly. “Which is why I’m going to help you. Come here,” he ordered, standing up straight and holding his arms open.

Jaejoong shrunk back. “Why? What are you going to do?”

Yunho dropped his arms and clicked his tongue in chastisement. “So suspicious. We need to get you out of here before anyone else-” he inhaled deeply, “-smells you. And any alphas who do won’t consider approaching you while you’re covered in my scent.”

Jaejoong blinked. “Why yours specifically?”

Yunho didn’t answer. He just smiled and shrugged off his suit jacket. He held it open in front of his chest and nodded his head back slightly. “Come on.”

Jaejoong pulled his bottom lip under his teeth. He looked at the jacket, then up to Yunho’s face, then to the door before his eyes shifted back to the jacket. He stepped forward quickly and turned around when he was in front of Yunho, sticking his arms through the sleeves.

Yunho settled the jacket over Jaejoong’s shoulders and leaned forward and silently sniffed Jaejoong’s hair. Sweet like vanilla and honey.

He smoothed the fabric of the jacket down over Jaejoong’s arms and turned him around. “Perfect fit.”

Jaejoong shrugged. “Sure.”

Yunho slid an arm across Jaejoong’s shoulders and pulled him into his side. He felt Jaejoong tense up under his arm but the boy relaxed again a second later. “And we’re off,” he said, guiding Jaejoong out of the bathroom.

Jaejoong snorted. “You’re kind of silly for an alpha.”

Yunho smiled down at the boy’s head. “Not silly, I’m just a nice guy.”

A nice guy when he wanted to be seen that way and Yunho definitely wanted Kim Jaejoong to think he was a nice guy.

A nice alpha.


They made it out of the building without incident. They few alphas they crossed paths with flared their nostrils at the smell and looked around to find the source, but quickly turned away upon seeing Jaejoong held under Yunho’s arm. One or two looked like they might have been willing to fight Yunho but they too scurried away once Yunho turned a glare on them.

Yunho bundled Jaejoong into the black town car waiting outside the building and prompted Jaejoong for his home address.

Jaejoong chewed on his bottom lip and slid all the way into the car so he was pressed against the opposite door, looking back at Yunho with wary eyes.

Yunho smiled back openly, hoping to relax Jaejoong. “I think by now we’ve established that I’m not going to do anything to you.” At least, nothing Jaejoong wouldn’t ask for in time if Yunho had his way. “And I certainly have better things to do than than creep around your home. I’m not a crazy stalker. I just want to make sure you get home safe.”

Jaejoong slumped against the door, the tension leaving his body. “Sorry,” he said before telling Yunho his address.

Yunho’s brow wrinkled slightly at the address. It wasn’t what anyone would call a good part of Seoul. He didn’t really want to bring Jaejoong to what would no doubt be a one room unit in a building with security measures that were less than ideal but he held back the temptation to simply direct the driver to his own home. The man wouldn’t ask questions about it, he was paid to keep Yunho’s business to himself, and Jaejoong was only in the beginning stages of his heat at the moment. From what Yunho had observed so far he wouldn’t become violent enough to fight Yunho off.

But no.

Yunho wasn’t that type of alpha. He told Jaejoong he would bring him home and that’s what he would do. There would be more than enough time later for Jaejoong to live with him. For now, Yunho would deliver Jaejoong home.

When they reached the shabby apartment complex where Jaejoong lived, Jaejoong blushed adorably in what Yunho was sure was embarrassment. Yunho made no mention of his thoughts about Jaejoong’s living place and exited the car. He walked around to the other side to open Jaejoong’s door and helped the boy out.

“Thank you,” Jaejoong said and began to shrug himself out of the suit jacket Yunho had placed on him earlier but Yunho grabbed it at the lapels and held it in place. “Keep it.”

He wanted Jaejoong to keep his smell all through his heat, to make sure that Jaejoong thought about him the whole time.

He reached into the jacket and pulled a pen and a card from one of the inner pockets, hiding a satisfied smile when Jaejoong shivered as Yunho’s had brushed against his chest.

Yunho clicked the pen open and scribbled on the back of the card before holding it out to Jaejoong. “Call me if you ever need help. Or if you just want to talk, I’d be happy to listen.”

Jaejoong grasped the card with both hands and bowed. “Thank you.”

Yunho smiled back at him. “It was my pleasure.”


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