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Title: Baby Slytherin 7
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae, YooMin
Length: Drabble
Summary: He was seriously considering revoking Yunho’s friendship card. HarryPotter!AU
A/N: Because I promised there was more of this.


Yunho’s tiny stalker had stopped stalking. It should have been cause for celebration and the end of Changmin’s exasperation with many things shaped small and Slytherin but instead his exasperation doubled.

A reasonable person might think that Yunho would be happy he was free of the burden of the overly attached first year, especially considering the rather bountiful lot in life fate had thrown him. He was the star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He had a hot girlfriend. He was friends with Changmin. He was also almost as intelligent as Changmin, almost.

Or so Changmin had thought.

He was seriously considering revoking Yunho’s friendship card. Changmin could not be seen in public with someone who was so stupid as to lament the lack of stalking.

Yunho was supposed to be happy, not causing Changmin stress with his droopy shoulders whenever he turned around and didn’t find his tiny shadow. He was supposed to go to Hogsmeade and make out with his girlfriend, free of all worries. It was not Yunho’s job to worry about creepy little Jaejoong Kim.

He should not have been infringing on Changmin’s own peaceful state of mind with his inquiries of “Do you think Jaejoong is sick?”

(Yes. Yes, Changmin did think he was sick. Heartsick. Not that Yunho would notice such a thing, the clueless fool.)

Or “What if he’s being bullied again? Max, if he’s being bullied we have to help him.”

(We? What is this we? Changmin did not have to do anything.)

He most certainly should not have been asking Changmin to interact with his own tiny, Slytherin shaped stalker. “Max, can you ask Micky if Joongie’s alright?”

(Joongie? Joongie! Since when did Yunho refer to that small thing as Joongie! And no Changmin would not go ask the other creepy, small thing about him!)

“Max, please? Pretty please.”

Damn Yunho and his childish, incredibly effective whining. Changmin would talk to Micky if only so Yunho would stop his intolerable behavior. Really, the other boy was fifteen years old. He should be ashamed of himself.

Changmin caught the kid when he came to the library (Micky Park spent almost as much time in there as Changmin did) and grabbed him by the back of his robes, dragging him over to the table in the back corner of the Magic Theory section that Changmin had claimed as his own in his first-year.

Changmin sat at the table across from Yoochun, folded his arms over his chest and glared.

And damned if the little punk didn’t sniff his nose up at Changmin and say, “If you beat me up, I’ll tell Yunho.”

Changmin’s eye twitched.

Friendship card revoked. Revoked. Torn up. Set on fire. Ashes flushed down the toilet.



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