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Title: Trade
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YooSu
Length: Double-shot
Summary: Unbelievable. Was this woman really offering up her second child as a concubine to the husband of her first? (An Omegaverse fic)
A/N: Blackmail, coercion, Yoochun being a terrible person.


Yoochun pulled Junsu along through the house to the bedroom. He could have just taken him in the living room where they sat on the sofa, his live in staff would have kept their distance, but he had plans for Junsu and those plans didn’t involve fucking him for the first time on a cramped sofa.

He pushed Junsu up against the door to his bedroom and captured Junsu’s lips in the latest of several kisses they’d shared since leaving the living room. Junsu’s mouth opened for him easily and Yoochun groaned into the kiss as he dragged his tongue against Junsu’s. The omega tasted the way he smelled, sweet and rich, like dark chocolate cake.

He reached blindly for the door knob, twisting it open. The door flung inward causing them both to stumble. Yoochun braced himself with his hands against Junsu’s waist and Junsu’s hands twisted in Yoochun’s shirt pulling him along into the bedroom. Their mouths detached and Yoochun took the opportunity to pull Junsu’s t-shirt over his head before attaching his mouth to Junsu’s neck with a wet suck

Junsu’s hands pushed against his chest but Yoochun wrapped his arms around his waist pulling him closer. He swept his eyes over the room, getting his bearings and turned Junsu, walking him back towards the bed, pressing kisses up Junsu’s neck then sucking an earlobe into his mouth. Junsu trembled against him when Yoochun bit down gently and pulled.

When he felt the stutter stop of Junsu’s legs hitting the end of the bed Yoochun let go of Junsu’s ear and nudged him down onto the mattress. The boy went down easy, sitting on the the end of the mattress, legs parted. He pulled Yoochun forward, fingers clenched the black fabric of his pants. Yoochun slipped between Junsu’s legs and framed his face tilting his face up. He bent down and placed his mouth on Junsu’s again.

He licked into Junsu’s mouth. Junsu didn’t kiss like the random one night stands Yoochun had slept with during his marriage, lax and almost absent, or like the omegas he had fucked before, shy and tentative. Junsu kissed like he would die without it, achingly desperate. If this was the only mouth he could kiss for the rest of his life, life would be sweet. He clamped down on the thought, squeezing it out of his mind. He pulled back from the kiss, grinning when Junsu bit down on his lip before letting go, and pushed on Junsu’s shoulders, tipping him onto his back.

He straightened and looked down at Junsu. The omega’s arms were bent so his hands lied on either side of his head. His chest rose and fell rapidly, nipples peaked. His pink lips were slick with shine. He looked like a debauched angel. Another thought Yoochun berated himself for. Junsu twisted something inside Yoochun he didn’t want to think about too closely. He should stop now and kick him out of his house. But Junsu’s skin looked so lovely against the black sheets and a wave of lust ran through Yoochun at the thought that Junho had picked out those sheets.

Junho had picked out all of the furniture and accents in this room, from the the mahogany dresser set to the neo-renaissance artwork hanging on cream colored walls to the black framed bed. Yoochun hadn’t cared what any of it looked like. The bed Junsu was lying on was the one Yoochun shared with Junho. And maybe some people would say it wasn’t right but the idea that he was going to fuck Junsu on the bed where Junho slept made a heat rise in his stomach, heavy, burning, and triumphant. Junho wouldn’t sleep in this room again after tonight and Yoochun would let Junsu do whatever he wanted to the decor.

Yoochun straightened and stepped back from the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head and unfastened his pants, pushing them to floor along with his underwear. He heard a gasp as he stepped out of the garments and when he looked back at the bed Junsu was sitting up resting against his elbows, his legs hanging over the side of the bed. His eyes were focused between Yoochun’s legs.

Yoochun smirked has he sauntered back to the bed. “Do you like it?” His cock was nowhere near as large as his cousin Yunho’s — whose should just have been described as unnatural — but it sure as fuck had to be bigger than that fucking beta’s.

He crouched down at Junsu’s feet and ran his hands up Junsu’s jean covered legs, stopping briefly to rub over his crotch before continuing upwards to undo the button and pull down the zip. He grasped the waistband of the jeans and Junsu’s boxers and Junsu leaned back on his arms lifting off the bed to allow Yoochun to pull the garments over the swell of his ass.

Yoochun tossed the clothing to the side and curled his fingers around Junsu’s ankles. He lifted Junsu’s feet pushing at him to move up the bed. “Up.” When Junsu scooted back towards the headboard Yoochun stood and crawled over him, pressing soft kisses up his legs, chest, and neck before recapturing Junsu’s lips and settling between his legs. Junsu gasped into his mouth as Yoochun’s hips nestled against his, their cocks brushing against one another.

Yoochun swallowed the gasp like a man starving. He pushed up off the bed, arms locking to support his weight, and raised his body off Junsu’s, He bit at the omega’s tongue in punishment when Junsu lifted his hips to follow Yoochun’s. Junsu let at a small pained whine and pressed Junsu’s hips back down to the bed with one hand. He pulled back from Junsu’s mouth and sat up, kneeling with his legs on either side of Junsu’s.

“I said, do you like it?” He pinched the skin over Junsu’s hipbones. Another whine escaped Junsu’s throat and his hips jerked at the pinch. Yoochun wrapped a hand around his cock and stroked down slowly from the tip to the swell at it’s base and back up again. “Do you like it?” he asked again.

Junsu’s eyes followed the motion of Yoochun’s hand, his breath hitched every time it covered the bulge at the bottom. “Yes,” he breathed out.

Yoochun leaned and placed a kiss against Junsu’s stomach. “Good boy.”

Yoochun squeezed his cock harder at the small jump his words caused. Oh, Junsu was precious. Yoochun licked his lips at the thought of what he could get the boy to do. He really just wanted to bury himself in to the tight body underneath him. Patience, he reminded himself. When Junsu was his — fully his, claiming mark and all — Yoochun would do whatever he wanted to him (hold him down and shove his cock down his throat until he choked, lips swollen, tears running down his face.) But he needed to get Junsu to the stage where he’d accept a claiming mark first. Until then Junsu would be able to leave whenever he wanted.

He let go of his cock and tapped Junsu’s hip. “Turn over, honey.”

There was no hesitation in Junsu’s movements as he turned himself onto his stomach under Yoochun. He raised himself up on his forearms, back arching slightly, and looked over his shoulder at Yoochun, lips parted, eyes full of want.

Yoochun crawled over his back and kissed him quickly before pushing down on his back. “Relax, honey.”

Junsu lied down flat folding his arms under his head and resting his cheek on them.

Yoochun crawled back down and pushed at the inside of Junsu’s thighs. The legs spread easily and Yoochun kneeled between them. He rubbed his hands gently over the globes of Junsu’s ass and delighted in the gasp he pulled from Junsu when squeezed and pulled the cheeks apart.

There weren’t many perfect asses in the world but Yoochun was sure this was one of them, smooth, plump, and perfectly rounded.

He continued running his hands over Junsu’s perfect behind, his heavy cock twitching, at each little hitch in Junsu’s breath whenever his thumbs slipped into the crack.

Yoochun suppressed a groan at the moan Junsu let out when he deliberately pressed his thumb against his hole. He rubbed over it into gentle circles. A harder push had his thumb slipping inside easily and Yoochun did groan then. Junsu’s body was tight, hot, and slick. Yoochun pushed the thumb in and out a few times before pulling it out. It came out slick and wet and Yoochun raised the thumb to his mouth. He gave the finger a slow lick and closed his eyes in pleasure. He couldn’t say the taste was pleasant, omega slick tasted very similar to come, salty and bitter, but the taste made him impossibly harder.

He had done this. He had gotten this omega slick and wanting and desperate just for him. The though sent bolts of pleasure through him.

He opened his eyes and pulled apart Junsu’s ass cheeks. His hole was pink and wet, just begging Yoochun to claim it. He shuffled down lower on the bed and bent his face down blowing softly over Junsu’s hole before licking over it with one smooth swipe of his tongue.

Junsu jumped and dragged himself up the bed away from Yoochun’s moth. “Don’t,” he said.

Yoochun frowned and gripped Junsu’s hips pulling him back into place. He knew there were omegas who didn’t like this, who thought it was dirty. He’d had one or two in his bed who would protest as soon as he put his mouth on them. He never pushed the issue since it didn’t really matter in the scheme of things. It was rare that Yoochun was willing to satisfy an omega this way but he found himself wanting to do it for Junsu, and wouldn’t let the boy refuse him.

“Don’t move,” he said before burring lying down fully between Junsu’s legs and burying his face in the valley of his ass cheeks. He fastened his mouth over Junsu’s hole and sucked. Junsu let out a keening whine and tried to twist away. Yoochun pressed down harder on his hips to keep him in place. One day, Yoochun would cuff Junsu’s wrists to his ankles and lick him out until he came that way, but for now he let up with one last lick.

Yoochun released the bruising grip he had an Junsu’s hips. There would be bruises tomorrow, small marks of Yoochun’s ownership. He kneeled up and rubbed gently over the small on Junsu’s back. “It’s okay, honey. Just what you want okay.”

For now.

Junsu breathed out harshly. Yoochun moved his touches back to Junsu’s entrance, resuming the small circular rubs. “Is this better?” He could see Junsu’s head nodding and his body relaxed.

Yoochun pushed two fingers inside him, twisting them around gently. When Junsu was in heat this wouldn’t be necessary, his body would be loose enough to allow Yoochun to slide his cock right into him. And maybe Yoochun wouldn’t even put him in one of the heat rooms in the basement. He’d fuck him right here, door open, where anyone would be able to smell him, smell them. He crooked his fingers up and dragged the tips them against the walls of Junsu’s anus when he pulled them out, drinking in each moan the movement pulled from Junsu.

Junsu’s arms stretched out towards the headboard and his back arched, a long moan letting loose from his throat. Yoochun bent over and pressed a kiss to the small of his back, pushing his fingers back in and dragging them out again.

Yoochun pulled his fingers out turned Junsu over, grabbing a pillow from the head of the bed to place under Junsu’s hips. He pushed Junsu’s legs up and out to the sides before shuffling forwards to press the head of his cock against Junsu’s hole. He pushed himself inside slowly, stopping when the top of his knot was pressed snugly against the rim.

Tight. Warm. Wet. Junsu fit around him perfectly.

More ridiculous thoughts Yoochun viciously discarded as he gripped Junsu’s hips tightly and pulled out slowly before pushing in again.

It wasn’t as if he’d never fucked an omega before. He’d fucked a lot of them and every single one felt just like this.

Tight. Warm. Wet.

But not perfect.

Not like wanted to tell them how good they felt around him.

Not like he called them honey. Sweetheart. Baby. A million other endearments he’d always scorned when he heard them spilling out of some other alpha’s mouth.

Not like he wanted stop calling what they were doing fucking, a voice in the back his mind saying make love.

Not like he wished he he was amoral enough to put a claiming mark on someone without permission, just so they’d never be able able to leave him. Junsu would look so pretty with with Yoochun’s mark on his neck, two perfect rows of teeth marks to tell the world Junsu belonged to him.

The image his mind conjured pulled the orgasm out of him before he was ready. “Fuck, baby.” With one last powerful thrust he pushed the entirety of his cock into Junsu, the heat around him growing ever tighter as it finally wrapped around his swelling knot.

Junsu cried out in pain and tried to pull away. Yoochun held his hips in place. “Shh, it’s okay, honey,” he said, thumbs rubbing soothing circles over Junsu’s pelvic bones. “You’re okay.”

He let go of one side and rubbed up and down the thigh of one of Junsu’s bent legs, keeping the motion up until the cries faded to quiet whimpers then died out altogether, leaving Junsu’s chest heaving.

He rolled them onto their sides, pulling Junsu’s leg over his hips, careful not to pull too much where they were still attached.

“Good, honey?” he asked pushing Junsu’s sweat soaked hair back from his forehead.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around Junsu’s back when the boy ducked his head under Yoochun’s chin and nodded. He’d cuddle Junsu, talk to him, take care if him and maybe in a few weeks the boy would let Yoochun keep him..


When Junho was returned to him after a week Yoochun had him sent to one of the guest rooms on the other side of the house. Yoochun had already had all his crap moved out of their shared bedroom. When Junsu was over he was either too distracted to notice or just beyond caring that the bedroom was a little emptier. Whichever one it was, the situation worked out well for Yoochun. All he really had to do was make sure Junho wouldn't be running his mouth to Junsu about things he really shouldn't be talking about.

As long as Junho cooperated, Yoochun would leave him in relative peace, he didn't want anything from Junho anymore. From the brief glimpse he'd gotten of his husband when he'd passed by the study, Yoochun didn't think he would be having any problems with that.

Junho looked defeated. He walked like a wilted flower with his head down, eyes on the ground, shoulders drooping and back hunched, no sign of the self assured swagger he usually carried himself with. The sight brought a smile to Yoochun's face. He almost made Junho come to him, just so he could sit back and watch his husband shuffle into the room meekly but the three days he spent relieving his stress with Junsu had put him in a charitable mood.

He didn't bother to knock on the door to Junho’s new room. This was his house. He didn't need permission to go anywhere in it and he certainly didn't need to announce his presence to this omega.

Yoochun leaned against the doorway, arms folded over his chest. Calling the space Junho now occupied a guest room was a bit of a stretch. While still fairly large, the room was much smaller than any of the other bedrooms in the house, the walls were bare and the bed was little more than a mattress and a box spring on a steel frame. Yoochun would get him some beddings, maybe a few plants to liven up the room. Junho should just be happy Yoochun wasn't sticking him in one of the heat rooms in the basement. He was tempted to do just that but he worried that Junsu would have something to say about essentially keeping his brother as a prisoner and Yoochun was finding that he preferred a happy, contented Junsu.

Junho was sitting hunched over on the end of the mattress his head buried in the arms folded over his knees. Yoochun could see small tremors wracking his body

Yes, defeated was exactly the way to describe him.

"Did you have fun?"

Junho body stiffened at the mocking words. He raised his head and gave Yoochun a look of complete disbelief.

"What?" Yoochun asked with pretended confusion. "You didn't have fun?"

“You.” Junho choked out the word. It was full of pain and betrayal.

Yoochun was elated. “Me?” he said unfolding his arms and pointing a finger at his own chest. “Me what?”

“You.” Junho repeated, his eyes watering and lip taking on a small tremble. “How could you?”

Yoochun knew exactly what Junho was referring to but he wanted know if Junho would say it out loud. Was there still enough of his husband to voice his accusations the way he would have a week ago or was he so broken that all he could do was turn teary eyes up at him. “How I could I what?” Yoochun asked.

“You know what!” Junho cried out.

Good, Yoochun thought, looking at the tips of Junsu’s fingers turning white where he dug them into his thighs. So there’s still some fight left in him. That satisfied him. His plans wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective as he wanted them to be if Junho was so beaten down that he wouldn’t even defend himself, let alone try to protect Junsu from Yoochun.

Yoochun had to play a careful game here. He knew what it was like to have family he would kill for. God knew he would destroy any alpha who treated Yoohwan the way he was treating Junho and Junsu. He was self aware enough to admit that he shouldn’t be manipulating them the way he was, he just didn’t care enough to stop doing it. If he pushed Junho too far, he would lose them both, but if he pushed just enough, just a little over the line, Junho would push Junsu away himself.

Yoochun pushed off the doorway and stood up straight, pulling his shoulders back and jutting his chin out. “I warned you.” His voice losing it’s mocking tone.

“How could you do that to me!”

“Me, me, me,” Yoochun said. “Me what? Did I do something to you? Did I hurt you?”

Junho deflated. “You should have stopped him.”

“Oh, honey.” The endearment didn’t carry any of the affection it did when Yoochun used it with Junsu. Yoochun stepped into the room and crouched in front of Junho’s legs, placing his hands on his knees, looking up into his face. “Honey, you know grandfather’s word is law in this family. What happened to you? That was your own fault. You should have behaved better.” He circled his thumbs over the inside of Junho’s knees, acutely aware of the fact that this was the closest he’d been to his husband in the seven months they’d been married. “It wasn’t so bad was it?” he asked sympathetically.

Junho fingers dug deeper into his thighs.

“He didn’t treat you like the others, didn’t even touch you.”

“He told you?”

“Mmm,” Yoochun hummed yes.

He’d received nightly phone calls from Grandfather the entire time Junho had been at Jung Manor. After all, Junho was a married omega and Grandfather was respectful enough to take his grandchildren’s opinions into consideration and not do anything to their spouses without permission.

Grandfather wasn’t actually Yoochun’s grandfather. He was his great uncle, the brother of his omega grandmother, but Yoochun’s actual grandparents had both died at a young age leaving his alpha mother to be raised by the man he grew up knowing as Grandfather. Jung Insung was the patriarch of the Jung family. He had built the Jung empire from a small family owned construction business into the multinational conglomerate it was now — still family owned, Jung Incorporated was a privately held company.

He ruled over his family — a fairly large bunch made up of Yoochun’s several cousins, aunts, and uncles — with a velvet gloved iron fist. In their family Grandfather’s word was law, but it was a benevolent rule as far as it concerned the favored members of the family, of which Yoochun was one.

Growing up, Yoochun had expected to be press ganged into service of the family business the way most of his cousins had been — Yunho being the exception, he had volunteered for his position as vice president of Jung Incorporated’s entertainment division and was very good at what he did, no doubt the reason why he was so highly favored— but he’d been happily surprised when Grandfather had supported his decision to enroll in the music program at Kyunghee University. As a composer Yoochun didn’t hold as lofty a title as Senior Vice President or Assistant Director, but he was very good at what he did and a more than decent living.

Yoochun’s one obligation to the family was to marry one of the sons of the Kim family. It was the way Grandfather did business. Marrying the families whose companies he wanted to absorb into Jung Incorporated into the Jung family was so much smoother than hostile takeovers. Grandfather had been eyeing the Kim family’s resort business for years and all the paperwork had been signed and sealed. At this point a divorce would only result in Grandfather cutting the Kim’s out of all business matters.

Perhaps it was sentimentality on grandfather’s part, from what Yoochun had understood the man had been very close to Yoochun’s grandmother and had raised his mother as if she were his own daughter, but Yoochun never found himself on the bad side of one of Grandfather’s angry lectures and Grandfather would never co-opt any member of Yoochun’s household into service.

Not without Yoochun’s permission, which is why he knew that although Junho might have been frightened during the week he spent at Jung Manor, he had come out of the experience fairly unscathed. Grandfather had asked permission to touch Junho, but Yoochun had just wanted a more compliant omega, not a broken one. He had been sure that the threat of what could be done to him would be enough to scare Junho into behaving the way an omega should behave and Grandfather had been more than willing to indulge him, his deep chuckle resonating over the phone when Yoochun had first spoken to him about it.

As head alpha of their family Grandfather had the right to bed any unclaimed omega who joined their family. It was an archaic law, a throwback to the time before the Omega Rights Movement and was largely disregarded, but their family was rather traditional when it came to the relationship between alphas and omegas. Of course they had their more progressive members, Yunho was one of them, the man would probably die before he’d force a claiming mark on his wife or bring a concubine into her house, but for the most part those family members either were respectful enough to defer to grandfather in those matters or just pretended it wasn’t happening.

Junho, despite being married, was an unclaimed omega. The suppressants he somehow managed to hide from Yoochun kept his heats away so there was never any opportunity for Yoochun to mark him and a marriage was not a Claim. Of course, Yoochun didn’t much care now whether or not Grandfather bedded his husband and thought it would make a rather effective threat to ensure Junho’s good behavior.

Yoochun rested his chin on one of Junho’s knees and looked up at him. “I won’t sent you back,” he said quietly.

Junho’s breathing hitched. “You won’t?”

“Not if you’re good, honey.”

Junho tensed back up again, his legs stiffening under Yoochun’s hold. “Good?”

Yoochun took his chin off the knee and nodded. He lifted himself out of his crouch using his hold on Junho’s knees as leverage. He sat down on the mattress next to Junho, leaving no space between their sides. He wrapped an arm around Junho’s shoulder’s pulling his husband even closer. “You just have to behave yourself. I won’t even try to touch you anymore or bug you about the mark. You can go to school. You can get a job. You can live like all those other omegas who go about their lives without the weight of family expectation.”

“Why?” The question was wary and full of suspicion although it wasn’t anything like the interrogation Yoochun might have gotten for his words a week ago. Yoochun never claimed Junho was stupid. The problem had always been that his husband was too smart for his own good.

“I have someone else to do all those things now.”

Junho’s face tightened, pulling in on itself. His eyes narrowed and and his lips pursed in displeasure.“A concubine?” Junho asked stiffly, a hint of disgust heard in his voice.

“Don’t sound so upset.” Junho might not have been what Yoochun expected from an omega and had grown less than fond of the man he married but what person wouldn’t feel slighted to hear that they had been replaced even if that place wasn’t one they wanted. “You’ll like him.”

“I doubt it.”

“Oh I know you’ll like him. He’s your brother after all.” Yoochun watched Junho carefully for a reaction and he wasn’t disappointed.

He stood up quickly knocking Yoochun’s arm off his shoulders. “You son of a bitch!” he screamed.

Yoochun closed his eyes and placed a finger on his lips. “Shh.”

“No I will not shush!”

Yoochun opened his eyes and sighed. Junsu was still asleep. He didn’t need Junho waking him up and upsetting him with his histrionics. Junho’s voice was shrill enough to wake the dead, reaching across the house wouldn’t be much pf a struggle. “You’re not being very good right now.”

The rage flooded out of Junho’s body just as quickly as it had flooded in.“Good?”

Yoochun stood up and took Junho’s hands in his. “Yes. Good.”

Junho closed his eyes and turned his head. “What does being good mean?”

Yoochun smiled. “Well first of all, there will be no more of this shouting. You’ll wake Junsu up and he really does need his sleep right now. I’m afraid I’ve kept him very busy the last few days.” Junsu had gotten little sleep. Once he’d opened up to Yoochun it was like he’d been trying to get over a year of unsatisfactory sex all at once.

Junho let a strangled sound.

Yoochun smiled wider and swung their hands back and forth, a mimicry of carefreeness. He’d been more than happy to help Junsu get over all the shit Lee Hyukjae had imposed on him. “Second, Junsu thinks this was all your idea.”

Junho’s head snapped back around.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Yoochun interrupted when Junho opened his mouth, the furious look back in his eyes. He tightened his grip on Junho’s hands. “You’re being good, honey,” he reminded Junho.

Junho squeezed back, hard enough to have made a man weaker than Yoochun flinch, and took a deep breath to calm himself.

“I don’t want you talking out of turn to him,” Yoochun continued. “If he asks about it, you’re going to tell him this is what you wanted for all of us. You’re going to happy that he’s away from that shit excuse for a man beta. You’re going to be understanding that the life style he wants isn’t necessarily one you might have approved of in the past but you want him to be happy. You’re going to be very gracious that he’s doing this for you. You are not going to say things that will upset him.”

“Anything else?”

Yoochun tilted his head. “That’s all.” He untangled their hands and hugged Junho close to his body. “Just this one small little thing and I’ll never send you back to Jung Manor alone again.”

His felt a tendril of satisfaction run through him when Junho nodded his assent. The self preservation instinct really was stronger than anything else. All those people who said that a man couldn’t have his cake and eat it too were mistaken.

It just took some finesse.


A/N: So... I need you tell me if this was sexy or unsexy. I will accept single word comments. Also if you think this concept is totally cracked, I'm way cool with that.


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