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Title: Trade - Part 1
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: YooSu
Length: Double-shot
Summary: Unbelievable. Was this woman really offering up her second child as a concubine to the husband of her first? (An Omegaverse fic)
A/N: The first thing I manage to post in months and it is Yoosu.


Yoochun sat leaning back on one of the ivory colored sofas in the seating area of his home office, arms folded over his chest, head slightly cocked to one side, silently observing the omega fidgeting in the chair across the low glass center table.

Yoochun had found Junsu loitering around the hallway outside his office some ten minuted ago. He’d watched the boy walk up to his door, raise a fist to knock on the door then stop, dropping his hand back down to his side and turning around to pace and mutter to himself before repeating the process again. Yoochun had rolled his eyes and strode up to Junsu, grabbing his arm and dragging him into the office. He’d pushed Junsu down into one of the chairs before taking a seat opposite him. They’d been sitting in silence since then, Yoochun watching Junsu wring his hands and chew on his lower lip, his head down, eyes focused on his own lap.

It was uncomfortable to say the least.

Despite being married for over seven months now, Yoochun rarely met with his husband’s twin brother, the two of them having little cause for interaction beyond their mutual relation to Junho and Junho wasn’t exactly the type of person who would willingly expose his brother to Yoochun anymore than necessary which made Junsu’s presence in their home all the more curious considering Junho wasn’t present at the moment. It meant Junsu hadn’t called his brother before coming over the way he usually would. Not that Junho would have been able to answer the call at the moment even if Junsu had. He had more important things to worry about than whether or not he was leaving his brother exposed to his husband’s perversions.

Yoochun let out a loud exasperated sigh shifting his body to lean to one side.

Junsu’s head snapped up and he gave Yoochun a sheepish look, raising one hand to rub the back of his head.

Yoochun arched one sleek eyebrow at him in question.

Junsu dropped his hand and his eyes back down to his lip. “Ah…is hyung here?”

“No,” Yoochun answered. “He’s visiting with Grandfather for a few days.” He shifted his body to the other side.

Visiting wasn’t quite the term he would or should use for it but Yoochun wasn’t about to say that he’d sent his disobedient, recalcitrant omega to the head of their family to put the fear of God into him. He certainly wasn’t going to say it to said recalcitrant, disobedient omega’s twin brother who was also an omega.

Junsu’s shoulders drooped. “Oh,” he said, falling silent

Yoochun bounced his right leg up and down and held back another sigh. This was the reason he had picked Junho instead of Junsu. This frail, silent, ridiculous thing sitting in front of him.

He was perhaps being somewhat cruel. He had seen the way Junsu behaved around other people, happy, boisterous, and always smiling. Junsu only turned into this timid little creature in front of Yoochun, but it was not at all what Yoochun wanted from the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. Junho, in contrast, was always confident and Yoochun could hold an intelligent conversation with him.

Yoochun narrowed his eyes. Then again, that confidence and self-assurance was what was giving him trouble now. Maybe he should have picked Junsu. He wouldn’t be suffering from a lack of affection with this one.

He let out a small grunt of frustration causing Junsu to look up again. “Ah, that’s okay. I didn’t actually come to see him.”

“No?” Yoochun watched that bottom lip disappear under Junsu’s teeth again. Really, how much effort would it take for the boy to just leave his mouth alone. Every time he chewed on them Yoochun’s gaze was drawn straight to it. It wasn’t even a pretty mouth, all chapped lips and teeth marks. He sneered.

“No,” Junsu said.

Yoochun waited for an elaboration that did;t come. “What did you come here for then?” he said, exasperated. He was growing more annoyed with each passing second. Getting this boy to talk was like having all his teeth pulled out at once without Novocaine, timely and excruciatingly painful.


And the boy continued to chew away at his mouth. “Junsu,” Yoochun snapped. He was twenty-nine years old. He shouldn’t have to put up with this crap from any teenagers for at least another thirteen years or so. Definitely not from almost twenty year old teenagers.

Junsu apologized hurriedly. “Sorry. Sorry,” he said, eyes wide. “I came to see you.”

Yoochun closed his eyes and exhaled, reigning in his temper. This boy was family, he should have more patience. He opened his eyes again and uncrossed his arms, settling one hand on his knee and resting the other arm on over his stomach. “What do you need?”

Junsu’s nose twitched.

Cute, Yoochun thought idly.

“It’s more about you need,” Junsu said scratching at an ear absentmindedly.

“Me?” Yoochun asked. Why would Junsu be concerned with what Yoochun needed? What did Junsu even think he had that Yoochun might need? He didn’t need anything from Kim Junsu. Well, not entirely true, he thought to himself running his eyes over Junsu’s body. He could think of at least one thing he needed that he wasn’t getting from Junho.

“Yeah,” Junsu said, stopping Yoochun from following that thought. “Umma said you and hyung were having some… problems.” Junsu paused before mumbling the last word.

Yoochun pushed his feet against the carpet floor, pulling his body into an upright position. Their mother?

“She said I could help you guys. Do you need someone to talk to maybe?” Junsu muttered the question slowly, as if he were fully aware of how ridiculous an inquiry that was. It’s not like Yoochun would share his difficulties with Junsu even if he was having any such things.

Yoochun had to stop himself from laughing in disbelief. His mother-in-law had sent him. That woman was a piece of work.

When he’d informed their two families of his decision to marry Junho the woman had quietly pulled him aside and suggested that maybe Junsu would be more suited to his requirements, that she didn’t want Yoochun to be disappointed and all she wanted was to make sure that the union between their families was a success. Yoochun had taken it as the interference of mother hoping to see her favorite child married into one of the most powerful families in the country and had simply assured her that he was certain of his decision.

At the wedding reception she’d sat next to him while Junho was off dancing with his father and searched his face with seemingly worried eyes. She’d taken his hand in his and told him that she was his family now and that if he had any problems with Junho she was sure they would be able to work something out, that she hoped he’d think of her as a second mother, and that he knew he could come to her with anything. Yoochun had nodded his head and pulled her onto the dance floor, hoping the activity would distract her from her attempts at closeness.

It wasn’t until seven months later that he’d realized what kind of person she was. Seven months and he and Junho still hadn’t consummated their marriage. By all estimates, Junho should have gone into heat twice by now. Omegas had four heat cycles a year but over a half a year later he hadn’t had a single one.

Heat suppressants were legal in South Korea but most omegas didn’t take them after marriage. They certainly couldn’t get them from a pharmacy if their alpha didn’t give permission for it, but Yoochun couldn’t figure out where Junho was getting the pills he had to take every day to keep his heat cycle away. He’d never found the pills anywhere in their home.

There were some people, mostly betas, who would argue that the heat cycle wasn’t necessary for an alpha and an omega to have a fulfilling marriage but Yoochun said fuck them. Those knotless sacks of shit didn’t know anything and it wasn’t like Junho was giving it up out side of their heat cycle.

If Yoochun could categorize anything in their marriage as a problem this was it.

In the end Yoochun didn’t have to go to his mother-in-law with his problem. She had come to him.

It wasn’t even two weeks ago that she sat in that same chair Junsu was sitting in, sharp black and white striped dress on, hair and make-up immaculate, all sympathetic looks and seductive words. “Junho’s very focused on his schooling. He doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that. You know he agreed to marry you because he thought you were the kind of alpha who would support him in that.” She gave him a pitying smile. “My Junho’s never been a very good at reading people. For all his book smarts, he’s extremely lacking when it comes to emotional intelligence.”

She picked up the delicate porcelain cup from the tea service Yoochun had had the servants set. She sipped at the tea, lips curled in grin around the rim off the cup. “It must be very difficult for you Park seobang,” she said placing the cup back onto the table. “But Junho’s stubborn and a little wild. He does what he wants.” She paused. “Not like my Junsu.”

Yoochun stared at her, face blank wondering what exactly she was up to.

“You know, my boys are very close. Junsu loves his brother more than anything else in the world.” The words carried a slight hint of bitterness but that wasn’t much of Yoochun’s concern. He wanted nothing to do with any of the Kim family’s drama. “Junsu wouldn’t let anything unfortunate happen to his brother if he could do something about it. And that’s what we both want isn’t? To prevent anything unfortunate from happening.”

She meant divorce. Yoochun had grounds for it, not that he needed a reason to divorce his omega if he chose to do so. Alphas had that right. Hell, he wouldn’t even need to go through divorce court. His marriage was unconsummated, he could get it annulled. The woman sitting in front of him knew that.

No one batted an eye at a divorced alpha. Yoochun could remarry and carry on with his life as usual. But a divorced omega, worse still an omega who behaved so poorly that their marriage was annulled? Well, how poorly an omega must have been raised to not be able to do so much as simply lie back and take it they way nature intended them to? The Kim name would be ruined. No doubt it was the reason she was here doing whatever it was she was attempting to do.

“My Junsu’s much more… malleable than Junho is. I tried to tell you that before you married.”

Yoochun nearly snorted. As if this woman thought to blame him for the situation they now found themselves in.

“Given the opportunity and the right words, I’m sure you’d find my Junsu much more receptive to your advances.”

Unbelievable. Was this woman really offering up her second child as a concubine to the husband of her first? Though Yoochun should have expected this. Female alphas were wily in a way their omega and beta counterparts were not. They were for the most part ambitious, aggressive, and conniving when the situation called for it, Yoochun’s own mother was very similar in that sense. It was in this woman’s best interests that Yoochun take a concubine instead of divorcing her child. And if that concubine was also a member of her family, all the better.

She’d left him with that kind suggestion and shown herself out. He shouldn't be surprised that she’d sent Junsu to him. The woman was a viper.

He had dismissed her suggestion, deciding that if the threat of giving Junho up to Grandfather’s care didn’t straighten the omega out, them he would simply get an annulment. No skin off his back.

But looking at Junsu now, Yoochun found himself changing his mind. He compared the boy’s face to Junho’s cataloging the similarities. They were fraternal twins but had the same nose, the same eye shape, the same mouth. Even the curve of their jaws was similar. But there was a softness to Junsu that Junho didn’t have. An innocence that made Yoochun’s cock twitch at the thought of ruining him.

Could he do this? Lie and manipulate this boy into his bed. Use his love for his brother against him, convincing him to let Yoochun touch him?


Yoochun softened his face, letting a sad smile play around his lips and leaned forward resting his forearms on his knees, looking up into Junsu’s face. “I suppose you could say we’re having some problems.”

“Uh, r-really?” Junsu stuttered, likely in surprise that Yoochun was admitting such a thing to him.

Yoochun shifted one arm so his palm was raised in the air, elbow anchored his thigh and rested his chin on the hand. “Mm hm,” he hummed. “It’s because Junho’s always so busy with school,” he said affecting a sad tone.


Yoochun hummed a yes again, studying Junsu’s face.

Junsu’s eyes were darting around the room looking everywhere except at Yoochun’s face. “Ah, isn’t Yoochun-ssi also very busy?”

Yoochun had to give Junsu some acknowledgment for this. He was trying in a situation that had to extremely awkward for him. “Hyung.” Yoochun said in a non answer to Junsu’s question.

“Wh-What?” Junsu said, startled.

Yoochun sat up, letting his arms rest against his thigh again. “Hyung,” he repeated. “It’s always Yoochun-ssi with you. Aren’t we family now? You should call me hyung.”

Junsu licked at his lips nervously. “Y-Yoochun hyung?”


“Ah, okay.”

Yoochun calculated what the best method for this conversation would be. It needed to focus on Junho and what Junho wanted or Junsu would probably fly out of here like a bat out of hell. “Junsu-ah.”

“Ye-Yes, hyung?”

“Junho’s always told me the two of you are very close.”

Junsu nodded. “Hyung is my most important person.”

Yoochun kept his smile to himself and nodded along. “He’s my most important person now too. Isn’t that interesting? That we both have the same most important person?” It was a lie. Junho was at present time, probably Yoochun’s most hated person.

Junsu nodded slowly. “I suppose.”

Yoochun smiled at him. “That makes us family, doesn’t it?”

Another nod.

“And families should be close, shouldn’t they?”

Junsu didn’t respond to that. He just twisted his hands together in his lap. Always fidgeting.

Yoochun continued. “Junho says you’re very special to him.”

“He does?”

“Of course,” Yoochun assured him. “He says he trusts you more than anyone. I didn’t want to burden you with our issues but he’s so sure you can help us.”

Junsu pointed a confused finger at his own chest. “Me?”

“Mmm hmm. I’m actually very glad I get to speak to you alone. Junho would feel so awkward asking this of you. In fact I’m not entirely sure I should. He said you would be alright with it but—” He hesitated.

“What is it?” Junsu interrupted.

Yoochun held in a smirk. Hook. “Like I said, Junho’s very busy with school.” He held up a hand to silence Junsu when the boy opened his mouth to interrupt again. “I know I’m busy with work as well.”

Truth. Yoochun was a very successful composer and spent a large amount of time in his studio writing the latest single for this artist or a score for that movie. “But I work on my own schedule. Junho doesn’t have that luxury. He’s working very hard. And well, sometimes it gets a little lonely.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“He worries so much you know,” Yoochun said. “He said I wouldn’t be so lonely if I had a companion.”

Junsu’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “A companion?”

“Yes. He’s so thoughtful. Some omegas get so jealous these days, but not Junho.”

“Jealous?” Junsu asked. “Why would he be—”

Junsu’s words cut off and Yoochun could see the moment when Junsu realized just what Yoochun was implying. His eyebrows lifted. His eyelids disappeared up into his sockets, leaving his brown eyes looking wide. His mouth parted in shock.

Companion was the polite term for concubine.

“You. He. What?” Junsu said breathlessly, the words a jumble of incoherency.

Yoochun clicked his tongue in sympathy. “Look, now I’ve shocked you.”

“I- I- I-” Junsu opened and closed his mouth unable to form a full sentence.

Yoochun got up and walked over to the refrigerator in one corner of the office. He poured a glass of water and carried it to Junsu. He settled himself on the couch at Junsu’s side and held the glass up to Junsu’s mouth. “Here. Drink.” He rubbed Junsu’s back in small circles meant to be soothing. “I told him we shouldn’t ask you. I am so sorry.”

Junsu grabbed the cup and tilted his head back gulping down it’s contents. Yoochun continued to pat his back. “It’s okay. I’m sorry. Hmm, Junsu-ah. Hyung is very sorry.”

Junsu slammed the empty cup down on the table and leaned forwards hanging his head between his knees and clutched at his chest. “Why would he-” Junsu didn’t finish the question.

Yoochun snaked his arm around Junsu’s back to run it up and down Junsu’s side as he listened to the the boy’s breathing come faster and faster. “Shh. You’re okay. Just breath. I shouldn’t have said that to you. I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing!”

Yoochun allowed the smile to sneak across his face now that Junsu could no longer see him. He deserved an award for this shit. The suggestion that he should become his brother’s concubine would naturally make Junsu uncomfortable, but the litany of I’m sorry’s would make him even more so. Alphas didn’t apologize like this, not so repeatedly, not to omegas

“Shh,” he whispered exhaling air against the other’s ear.

Junsu’s back was shaking in small tremors. “Why would he ask that?” He said brokenly.

Yoochun gently squeezed Junsu’s side pulling the boy closer into his body. “You mustn’t think he doesn’t love you. It’s because he loves you that he would ask this.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. I’m not a whore!’

“He doesn’t think you are.” Yoochun leaned more fully against the trembling body, settling his chest against Junsu’s back and hooked his chin over Junsu’s shoulder. “I told him we shouldn’t ask you to do this. Why should you have to. You’re a good boy from a good family. It’s just that Junho trusts you so much. I don’t think he’d be okay if I brought someone else into our home. He doesn’t want a stranger in his home.” He took his hand off Junsu’s side and ran it through the boy’s hair in an attempt to soothe him. “But that doesn’t mean we should have asked you. I’m sorry I brought it up. We’ll figure something else out.”

Junsu stood up abruptly, throwing Yoochun off his back. “I need to go,” he said before rushing out of the office.

Yoochun didn’t let the reaction bother him. He leaned back on the coach tilting his head over the back of the coach looking up at the ceiling. Junsu had paused before leaving the office. He’d flung the door open but before he took a step over the threshold he’d turned back around and looked at Yoochun.

Yoochun stretched his arms out over the back of the sofa, grinning.



Junsu showed up again two days later. The servants let Yoochun know that Junsu was waiting in the living room when he came home from the studio on Friday.

Yoochun went to meet him, loosening his tie and removing his suit jacket on the way. He raised an eyebrow at the sight of Junsu nursing a glass vodka, a quarter empty bottle of Absolut on the pine table.

He sat down on the sofa next to Junsu and gently pulled the glass away, putting it on the table. If Yoochun had learned anything about Junsu in the few times they’d met, it was that he didn’t hold his liquor well. While it would probably make this whole task easier, a drunk Junsu wasn’t exactly something Yoochun wanted in his house.

“I have a boyfriend you know. Junho knows I have a boyfriend.”

The words were angry and defensive but Yoochun felt a wave of triumph run through him. I have a boyfriend wasn’t a refusal. It wasn’t a no. It wasn’t a You’re out of your mind.

It was an excuse. It was saying Look, see this thing here? This is why I can’t do this. Excuses were just a reason not to do something. Take the reason away and what was left?

Yes or no.

Junsu should have just said no. Yoochun could work with excuses.

“I know. Junho told me.” He turned so he was facing Junsu, lifting one leg onto the cushion and folding it in front of him.

Actually it was his mother-in-law who had told him Junsu had a boyfriend. Lee Hyukjae was a poor kid from a poor family whose main talents was in his dancing ability. He had a common face, dressed like and had a stage name like an idol wannabe and he was a beta. Mama Kim did not approve.

Yoochun watched that adorable confused look come over Junsu’s face. “Then why would he he want me to do-” Junsu waved a hand in front of him. “That.”

Yoochun propped an arm up against the back edge of the sofa and leaned his cheek against a fist. This was better than he had expected. It seemed Junsu placed all the blame on Junho’s shoulders. So much for brotherly love and trust, he thought. But it did make him curious as to why Junsu would so readily believe that Junho would have done this. That was a matter for another day though. “He just wants what’s best for you.”

The confused look pulled into an angry one, Junsu’s eyebrows furrowing and nose scrunching. “What does that even mean?”

Yoochun sighed. “Junsu, can you honestly say that you’re happy with him?”

Junsu pursed his lips. “Of course I’m happy.”

The words sounded empty to Yoochun, like something Junsu said because it was what he was supposed to say, not because he meant it. “Look at me.”

Junsu shook his head no.

“I said look at me.” Yoochun gripped Junsu’s chin with his free hand and turned Junsu’s face. “Are you happy?” he asked again searching Junsu’s eyes.

Junsu dropped his eyes.

Yoochun pushed off the back of the sofa and sat up straight. “What’s wrong?” he asked stroking his thumb over Junsu’s skin where it rested just under his lower lip.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Junsu said while he leaned into the touch.

Yoochun frowned. He stopped the stroking and tightened his grasp on the chin, tilting Junsu’s face up. “Don’t lie to me.”

Junsu grasped Yoochun’s wrist and tugged his hand away from his face. Yoochun let the hand fall readily onto Junsu’s lap and noticed that Junsu didn’t let go of his wrist. “It’s just-” Junsu paused.

“Just what?”

“He doesn’t really understand.” He squeezed Yoochun’s wrists. “I need things, you know.”

“What sort of things?”

Junsu shrugged his shoulders. “You know,” he mumbled. And Yoochun was sure it was unconscious, the way Junsu was pressing his hand into his lap. “Things.”

Yoochun’s lip curled in disgust. No wonder Junsu was acting like this.

When it came to getting people to do what he wanted them to Yoochun was good but he wasn’t this good. No matter how gullible Junsu was he expected to have at least a week of convincing and cajoling to this whole scheme, not Junsu leaning into his touches, over sharing with an alpha who was practically stranger (brother-in-law or not) and pressing himself up against Yoochun’s hand whether he realized he was doing it or not.

Junsu was a touch starved omega. Fucking betas. It was only right that Yoochun took Junsu away.

He scooted closer to Junsu and put his other hand on the omega’s knee. “The sex is bad?” he asked straightforwardly. There was no need for talking around the issue.

Junsu ears flushed at the tips. “Not the sex. Not during, not really.” He said hesitantly. “It’s just after.”

Yoochun rubbed Junsu’s knee encouragingly.

“He just leaves. It feels wrong.”

Yoochun nodded understandingly. Of course it felt wrong. Junsu was an omega. He was built for sex with an alpha not whatever it was he was doing with Lee fucking Hyukjae. “It’s the knot.” Yoochun said. “Or more accurately the lack thereof.” His lips twitched up as the flush in Junsu’s ears traveled down into his neck.

Alphas tied during orgasm, the knot at the base of their cocks swelling and holding them attached to their omega for up to what could be an hour. The time allowed the pair an opportunity to bond with each other. It was part of what made a relationship between alphas and omegas more than just sex. Betas didn’t do this. Junsu was lacking intimacy. Yoochun could only imagine what his heats must have been like. “And during your cycle?” he asked.

Junsu hanged his head. “We’ve never during— He doesn’t like them.”

Yoochun snarled. He’d met more than his fair share of betas like that. Betas who thought that heats were dirty an unnecessary, a prehistoric throwback to an uncivilized time. Fucking Lee Hyukjae. Yoochun could rip his head off.

Junsu jumped at the snarl, letting go of Yoochun’s wrist. Yoochun dropped the ugly twist on his lips. He placed his hands on Junsu’s waist tugging to get him to turn around on the sofa. Junsu twisted his body towards Yoochun, lifting his legs onto the sofa and folding them underneath himself.

Yoochun left Junsu’s hands sitting in the boy’s lap and rubbed Junsu’s thighs, slowly running his hands up and down over Junsu’s legs. “You known it’s not supposed to be like that, right honey?”he asked, the endearment slipping past his lips without permission. Yoochun cursed himself. He always swore he wouldn’t be like those alphas who doted on their omegas, giving up all their wants and needs for the sake of their partner. He just wanted sex but Junsu’s sad, defeated words were tugging at something in him. “Why don’t you take suppressants?”

“I don’t like them,” Junsu said, scrunching his nose. “That’s why I don’t understand. Junho always encouraged me to take them. He didn’t want me to be a slave to my body.”

Those were like something out of one of those omega activist pamphlets filled with phrases like You are not your gender and Set your body free. It just figured Junho would be the type to espouse those ideals. But it formed a small complication in this plan. Although, based on the way Junsu was behaving Yoochun thought he’d accept this situation without him having to keep pushing the idea that it was all Junho’s idea.

Yoochun inched closer and slid his hands further up Junsu’s legs, thumbs dipping into the inseam of Junsu’s jeans, stomach settling in satisfaction when Junsu didn’t so much as twitch at the movement. “You don’t have to feel bad about not liking the suppressants.”

“But Junho—”

“Just wants you to be happy.” Yoochun crept closer making sure to hold Junsu’s gaze. He wondered if Junsu even realized that Yoochun’s hands were framing his cock, all but touching it directly. “You’d do the same for him wouldn’t you? Put aside your ideals to make your brother happy?’

Junsu nodded slowly, fingers twisting the bottom of his shirt and sucked his bottom lip into his mouth.

Yoochun eyes were drawn directly to the motion. That fucking mouth, he thought. He’d changed his mind. Junsu’s mouth was nothing like Junho’s. It was so much prettier, full and soft looking. He slid his hands out to the sides to grip Junsu’s hips. “Don’t you want to know what it’s like, honey?” He asked squeezing gently.

“What what’s like?”

Yoochun’s next action was bold but it was decisive. Junsu would either let him do it or he would bolt out of the house again. If he did the latter, Yoochun would just give it up as a bad job and get the annulment.

He took one of Junsu’s hands in his, stopping the nervous shirt twisting, and placed against his groin.’

Junsu froze, all the nervous twitching and fidgeting ceasing. His chest rose and stopped on the inhale.

Yoochun leaned forward over Junsu’s shoulder and brushed his lips over the shell of his ear. “Things.” He whispered, voice low and sultry.

He felt the moment when Junsu started breathing again, exhaled air caressed his neck, Junsu’s fingers twitched under Yoochun’s against the cloth laying over his cock.

When the answer to his question came, it came with the tightening of Junsu’s body, his cheek bumping against Yoochun’s, and his hand pressing down on Yoochun’s hardness. A softly hissed “Yes,” full of longing an desperation.

Yoochun drew back enough to press an open mouthed kiss on Junsu’s neck, the tip of his tongue laving gently at Junsu’s pulse point. If Junsu had seen the twisted grin Yoochun pressed to his skin in that kiss he would have run and never looked back but as it were he just moaned softly, breath hitching and wrapped his other hand around Yoochun’s neck.




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