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Title: Baby Slytherin 6
Rating: G
Pairing: YunJae, YooMin
Length: Drabble
Summary: Yunho had a girlfriend.


Jaejoong didn’t want to leave his bed. He was sick. He felt tired and dehydrated and his body ached. His throat hurt from the wrenching sobs that had been escaping him all night. His eyes hurt from the constant flow of tears. His stomach hurt from the lack of food. His heart hurt.

Oh, how his heart hurt.

Yunho had a girlfriend.

Today was Valentine ’s Day and Jaejoong had gotten Yunho the best present, the best. He had wrapped it in a pretty red and black box, put on his best robes, looked all over the school for Yunho and then when Jaejoong had finally found him down by the Great Lake, Yunho had stomped on his heart before Jaejoong could give it to him.

Jaejoong had been not even twenty feet away when he’d watched Yunho give her the flowers and candy that should have been Jaejoong’s. Watched him smile shyly at a girl Jaejoong had known for the last three years.

That girl had been to Jaejoong’s house every year for the last three summers. She was smart, pretty, and she liked Potions and Quidditch. She wasn’t mean, she never sneered at Jaejoong the way some of the other girls did, and she always smiled at Jaejoong when she saw him.

She liked Jaejoong. She knew Jaejoong. She thought he was ‘adorable.’ She’d frequently admitted to wishing she could steal Jaejoong away and keep him since his own sister’s didn’t appreciate him.

Worst of all, Jaejoong liked her.

Ara Go was one of his sisters’ best friends and she was almost, almost, good enough for Yunho.
Nothing was good and everything hurt.

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