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A/N: I believe every author should get to be an evil author at some point. This drabble is something that happens in the very far distant future of the Selection universe. There are spoilers but I don't consider them major spoilers really, just a bit torturous maybe so avoid if you don't want to know anything.

Title: Stolen
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Summary: It’s engine and defensive tech that’s not out on the market yet. It’s secret research. It’s stolen. They’re stolen.


Jaejoong had gotten used to the noise over the years, the low rumbling of the engines, but this ship isn’t anything like the ones he’s used to being on. This ship is nothing like the luxury class liners he’s been on as a visiting diplomat and definitely nothing like the flying city he calls home whenever Yunho needs to be off planet for extended periods of time. This ship might as well have been cobbled together from broken pieces of the centuries old shuttle ships rotting on one of the junkyard planets. It’s small, it’s cramped, it’s loud, and it feels like it’s going to shake apart around him leaving scraps of metal and bodies trailing through empty space between asteroids.

But it’s fast and it’s hidden, too fast to be easily caught and too hidden to track on most detection systems, fast enough to outrun everything on its heels and cloaked heavily enough to blend seamlessly into the empty vacuum of space. It’s engine and defensive tech that’s not out on the market yet. It’s secret research. It’s stolen. They’re stolen.

Jaejoong rocks the crying baby in his arms, only to comfort, not to quiet. His child’s crying has a purpose. It’s the reason he’s not afraid. They are the ones who need to be afraid, he thinks.

The barrier keeping Jaejoong separated from the rest of the cabin shimmers as an object bounces off it, casting a temporary glow of blue and silver on the walls. The baby cries louder.

“Shut that baby up.”

Jaejoong looks up at the barrier at the Rebel standing on the other side of translucent wall. It’s the scarred one who’s been staring at him the entire time he’s spent on this rickety vessel. He glares back defiantly. “Or what?”

The Rebel’s face twits into a snarl. “Or I’ll—“

“Leave it alone,” A firm voice calls from the other end of the cabin.

The Rebel sneers at him and turns away, heading back towards the other end of the cabin.

Jaejoong returns his gaze to the baby, face softening, and strokes his cheeks. “Don’t be scared little Dragon,” he whispers to the baby. “Cry all you want. Cry as loud as you want. Cry so it vibrates across the System, so that every Dragon in our path will feel it, so that every single will can find you.”

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