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Title: Baby Slytherin 4
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae, YooMin
Length: Drabble
Summary: Jaejoong was stupid because he thought Yoochun was stupid. HarryPotter!AU


Yoochun sat in one of the large leather chairs in the Slytherin common room, face hidden behind a large book, thinking on all the ways Jaejoong was stupid.

Jaejoong was stupid because he thought Yoochun was stupid.

Yoochun was not stupid.

Yoochun would have been a Ravenclaw if it hadn’t been for the this cockamamie bullshit plan of Jaejoong’s. Yoochun had listened to Jaejoong’s wild ramblings for weeks after they had gotten their Hogwarts letter and the entire journey from Platform 9 3/4, the two of them sitting alone in one of the train compartments but he had not believed his friend would actually go through with it.

Why? Because Yoochun was too intelligent to accept that he would have a best friend who was such a fool. But then he stood in line with all the other new students waiting to be Sorted when the name “Kim, Jaejoong” was followed by a shout of “Slytherin!” and what could he do then.

When “Park, Yoochun” had been called, Yoochun sat on the stool, raggedy old hat on his head and argued until he was near blue in the face until the hat had said “Slytherin.”

Yoochun should have been a Ravenclaw, and Jaejoong would have been a Gryffindor like the rest of his family. And he would not have been a smart one like Yoochun’s Max was. He would have been an idiot Gryffindor, proven by the fact that he thought Yoochun did not know Junsu Kim had designs on his Max just because Yoochun refused to help him.

Yoochun snorted behind his book. Break his leg indeed. What then would they do with Junsu Kim’s broken leg? No, Yoochun had a much better plan, a smarter plan.

The only thing more important to Junsu than Quidditch was his brother and Junho Kim was one of the other Slytherins who liked Jaejoong, was fond of him even. All Yoochun had to do was cry about how mean Max Shim was to Jaejoong (because he kind of was) and there was no way Junho would further countenance Junsu’s affections.

Simple. Smarter. Better.

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