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Title: Arranged 4
Rating: G
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Summary: There were rules for dating your husband.


There were rules for dating your husband. It was almost like a play, an act for which they demanded participation from family and friends.

They didn’t leave home together and they didn’t return together. At first they took separate cars to go on their dates. Then, when one offered to pick up the other, he would leave early for a drive around the block before returning to their home and ringing the doorbell. At the end of the date, he would drop the other off and take a second drive around the neighborhood, giving the other enough time to settle before returning home himself.

They stopped attending family functions together, for which they received disapproving looks from distant unimportant relatives and chastising inquiries. The words “Where is your husband?” handed out as frequently as hugs. And Jaejoong’s cheerful response of, “What husband?”, while his father looked on with a fond smile and tiny shake of his head.

They were reintroduced to friends as a ‘new date’, which was received with mixed responses. From Yoochun, wide smiles and comments about how hot Jaejoong’s new boyfriend was. From Changmin, a skeptical look and grumbles about how he had already met Jaejoong and that they were just being silly.

Those were the common responses. People either thought it was cute that they were doing this, romantic even, or that they were being silly.

They still didn’t talk much if they ran into each other at home. In fact it was more likely they would run in the other direction. After all, they hadn’t reached the living together stage of their relationship yet so why would they see each other at home. But they talked on the phone, about where they would go on their next date, about work, about their families, about the old woman in the funny hat that Jaejoong had seen that afternoon, or about nothing at all. Sometimes they just called to hear the other breathing.

It worked for them.

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